Chuck Testa
Charles A. Testa

1956 (age 65–66)

Charles A. Testa (born 1956) is an American taxidermist and owner of Ojai Valley Taxidermy in California.[1] A commercial for Testa's business created by Rhett & Link for the show Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings became a viral video, and the catchphrase "Nope, Chuck Testa!" became an Internet meme.

Life and career

Testa was born and raised in the Ojai Valley. He managed his father's Baskin-Robbins store in Venice Beach, California, before he began preserving wildlife.[2]

Commercial and response

In summer 2011, Testa's future son-in-law posted a commercial for Testa's business on YouTube.[2] The video was originally created by Rhett & Link for the show Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings on IFC.[3] The commercial asserts that Testa's work is so realistic that people will assume the animals are still alive. It depicts people reacting to what they believe are live animals in unusual situations, e.g., "Look at that antelope driving a car!", only to have Testa appear and declare, "Nope, it's just Chuck Testa!" The phrase became popular on Web sites, such as Reddit and Tumblr, spurring mainstream media coverage, including Fox News[4] and CBS.[5][6] The video was also ranked as the #10 best meme of 2011 by Time magazine's Nick Carbone.[7]

Television appearances

In 2012, Chuck Testa appeared in two episodes of Rhett & Link's Web series, Good Mythical Morning. His shop, Ojai Valley Taxidermy, was promoted in earlier episodes. He again appeared in 2020 as a tie breaking judge during the Ice Cream Taste Test Tournament.[8]

In 2015, Chuck Testa was featured in Season 1, Episode 1 of CarbonTV's original series, American Elements.[9]

In 2016, Chuck Testa and Ojai Valley Taxidermy were featured in the Web documentary Mounted: Chuck Testa and Friends on CarbonTV.[10]


The 2019 song "Whip a Tesla" by Yung Gravy and Bbno$ mentions Testa in the chorus, referencing the "Nope" meme.[11]

Told your bitch, "Nope," like I'm fuckin' Chuck Testa

Testa makes a cameo in the music video.


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