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Cinema of Oman
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Cinema in Sur
Gross box office (2012)[1]
Total$1.3 million

The cinema of Oman is very small. There is only one Omani film, Al-Boom (2006), as of 2007. Partly inspired by Samuel Beckett's Waiting For Godot, Al-Boom deals with the challenges facing a small fishing community.

A joint US-Indian-Omani production, Pirate's Blood, starring Sunny Leone was co-produced by Stegath Dorr in 2008. Stegath Dorr's film Blood Desert was released in 2014, many years after it premiered at the 2006 Oman Film Festival. A few Hollywood movies have been partly filmed in the country.

An annual film festival is held in Muscat.

Films shot in Oman

Omani Film Director

Issa Anees Al zadjali

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