Cinema of South Sudan
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Cinema is a newly developing industry in South Sudan.


As of 2011, South Sudan did not have a single movie theatre,[2] and most citizens relied on South Sudan Television what was locally called as SSTV.[3] According to the manager of the South Sudanese Government Agency which promotes filming and arts of creativity, Elfatih Majok Atem, "Many local filmmakers have never had any training so they could teach themselves on the job of filmmaking. Those who are experts face the challenge of accessing good equipment and tools and are affected by the lack of support and encouragement from its citizens.."[3]


Main article: History of South Sudan

South Sudan first gained independence in 2011;[4] precisely six years after the conclusion of the Second Sudanese Civil War which caused the destruction of Capital Juba's only cinema. In 2011, Daniel Danis directed the first South Sudanese feature film, Jamila.[5]

Film festival

In 2016, South Sudan hosted its first film festival, the Juba Film Festival.[6][7] The festival included a film industry conference, and the second scheduled to be held in South Sudan.[7] Founded by Simon Bingo, the festival was intended to alleviate the negative image of South Sudan as a war-torn country as well as to promote South Sudanese culture and art.[8][9]


Several groups in the country seek to promote filmmaking by local filmmakers:


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