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  • InChI=1S/C13H16N2O/c1-2-4-12(11(3-1)10-5-6-10)16-9-13-14-7-8-15-13/h1-4,10H,5-9H2,(H,14,15) checkY
  • InChI=1/C13H16N2O/c1-2-4-12(11(3-1)10-5-6-10)16-9-13-14-7-8-15-13/h1-4,10H,5-9H2,(H,14,15)
  • O(c1c(cccc1)C2CC2)CC/3=N/CCN\3
Molar mass 216.284 g·mol−1
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Cirazoline is a full agonist at the α1A adrenergic receptor, a partial agonist at both the α1B and α1D adrenergic receptors,[1] and a nonselective antagonist to the α2 adrenergic receptor.[2] It is believed that this combination of properties could make cirazoline an effective vasoconstricting agent.[2]

Cirazoline has also been shown to decrease food intake in rats, purportedly through activation of α1 adrenoceptors in the paraventricular nucleus in the hypothalamus of the brain.[3] Administration of cirazoline also seemed to present impairment in the spatial memory of monkeys through the activation of the same receptors that showed decreased food intake in rats.[4][5] However, in preliminary studies, through stimulation of α2 adrenoceptors, working memory is comparatively improved.[4]


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