City Academy
38 Rosebery Avenue

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United Kingdom
Coordinates51°31′24″N 0°06′44″W / 51.52347°N 0.11221°W / 51.52347; -0.11221Coordinates: 51°31′24″N 0°06′44″W / 51.52347°N 0.11221°W / 51.52347; -0.11221
TypePerforming & Creative Arts academy
Managing DirectorsMichael Ward
& Susan Young
Age18 to no upper age limit

City Academy is an adult creative and performing arts academy, offering daytime, evening and weekend courses in dance, drama, singing, writing, filmmaking, photography, art, design, life skills, & business training[1] in venues across Central London.


City Academy was founded in 2006 and officially launched at the Old Prudential Building in Holborn. At the launch, filmed by Channel 4 as part of its 4Talent initiative, 200 professionals took part in a night of acting, singing and dancing.

In 2014, City Academy held over 12,000 classes for over 20,000 students, with courses taking place at over 30 different venues in central London – including Sadler’s Wells, Soho Theatre, The Place, Free Word Centre, Italia Conti, Arts Theatre and the old Finsbury Town Hall.[2] City Academy now hosts classes in around 50 central London locations.

The courses are taught by working professionals and performers from film, theatre and TV and other entertainment and creative industries.

Notable tutors


City Academy offers classes in around 175 different creative disciplines,[7] including a range of types of dance tuition,[8][9] and a series of specialist creative workshops. The company has trained over 50,000 adults since its inception.

The academy also organises specialist group activities, bespoke team-building events, and corporate entertainment.[10] Over the last three years the company's clients have included Pfizer, British Airways, McGraw Hill Financial, Regent Street Association, Expedia, Nike, University College London, Hilton Worldwide, Salesforce, Fitness First and Shell.[11]


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