City Gallery
Traditional Chinese展城館
Simplified Chinese展城馆
City Gallery exhibition centre in July 2012
City Gallery exhibition centre in July 2012
Interior of City Gallery exhibition centre in July 2013
Interior of City Gallery exhibition centre in July 2013

City Gallery is an exhibition centre about the planning and development of urban areas in Hong Kong. It is located at Edinburgh Place in Central, Victoria City. It is a public relations effort of the Planning Department of the Hong Kong government.


It was previously known as the Hong Kong Planning and Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery (Chinese: 香港規劃及基建展覽館) and was set up in 2002 on the ground floor of the City Hall annex building as a temporary exhibition gallery, pending the establishment of a full-fledged permanent exhibition gallery which will occupy the entire City Hall Annex Building.

To make way for the refurbishment and expansion works at the City Hall Annex, the temporary gallery was relocated to the ground floor of the Murray Road Multi-storey Car Park in mid-2009 to maintain continuous services to the public.

The permanent gallery reopened in the City Hall annex building on 20th August 2012.[1]

In 2019, the revamp work has been taken in place on the G/F, the 3rd Floor and the 4th Floor and was completed in May 2021.


The gallery showcases the planning proposals and infrastructure projects of the Hong Kong Government. It's a building consists of fourth floors with various themes, showing numerous exhibits including Planning Eye, Hong Kong Next Century, Sustainable Hong Kong, Coastlines & Skylines and Hong Kong Now and Then etc. Interactive features and devices give visitors the latest information on planning and infrastructure developments in Hong Kong.

Admission is free of charge.


Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor


The gallery is accessible within walking distance West from Central station of MTR.

Patrons can reach the City Gallery by the following public transport services:

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Coordinates: 22°16′56.84″N 114°9′43.06″E / 22.2824556°N 114.1619611°E / 22.2824556; 114.1619611