CourseMain course
Place of originItaly
Region or stateFriuli-Venezia Giulia
Main ingredientsPotato dough, ricotta, cinnamon, raisins

Cjarsons (Friulan: [carˈsoŋs]) (also known as cjalsons or cjalzons) are a typical dish of Friulan cuisine; more specifically of the alpine region of Carnia, but also common in the Venetian Plain.


Cjarsons consist of a filled soft wheat or (in some variants) potato dough, similar to agnolotti or ravioli, and are characterized by a sweet-savoury contrast. The filling (pistùm or pastùm) is prepared differently depending on the local recipe; it may contain raisins, dark chocolate or cocoa, cinnamon, spinach, chives, ricotta, marmelade, rum, grappa, parsley, biscuits, eggs or milk.[1]

Similarly to ravioli, they are cooked in salted water and, after they are drained, they are seasoned with melted butter and smoked ricotta cheese (scuete fumade).[1] As a substitute for butter, the ont (foamed butter, drained from water and thickened for the sake of preservation) may be used.[2]

Cjarsons have been a traditional dish for important celebrations (such as weddings), but they were rediscovered and promoted in the 1970s by Carnic chef Gianni Cosetti.[3]


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