A clarinet-cello-piano trio is a chamber musical ensemble made up of one clarinet, one cello, and one piano, or the name of a piece written for such a group.

This formation is similar to the classical piano trio in which the violin is replaced by the clarinet. The heterogeneity of timbre between clarinet and cello prevents their use as a block against the piano, but it offers many other musical possibilities.

Long-lived trios (such as the Trio Montecino) are very rare, but the literature is performed by subsets of Pierrot lunaire and Quartet for the End of Time ensembles, such as Tashi, as well as by ad hoc groups.


The original repertoire for clarinet, cello and piano (by name of composer with date & publisher where known) includes:


In addition to this original repertoire, one can pick some pieces for clarinet-viola-piano trio or clarinet-violin-piano trio and replace the viola (violin) by the cello, or replace the violin by the clarinet in a classical Piano trio; cases where the composer has foreseen this possibility are listed above. Other substitutions are possible:


The available repertoire has been expanded by transcribers (other than the composers, whose own transcriptions are listed under original repertoire above) as well:

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