Cleancode eMail
Developer(s)Dean Jones[1][2]
Written inC[1]

Cleancode eMail[1] (also known as CleanCode Email[2] or simply email[4][5]) is a simple command line software utility for sending SMTP email.[5] It is portable enough to compile and run under Linux,[2] OS X,[2] BSD, Solaris, Cygwin and perhaps other Unix-like operating systems.[citation needed]


Upon installing the Cleancode eMail, the email executable binary becomes available.[5][1][2]

This program offers features for sending email via SMTP.[5] It supports SMTP AUTH (via the LOGIN and PLAIN mechanisms), MIME attachments, an address book, encryption of both transport (via TLS) and message (via PGP), and digital signatures (via PGP).[5][2] It can be easily used for sending email from the command line, or via shell scripts or other software packages.[5][6] The lack of modern features helps Cleancode eMail stand out as a fast, efficient and helpful tool for system administrators in Unix-like environments, as that was its intentional purpose when first developed.[citation needed]


Cleancode eMail started in September 2001 and is currently[when?] still maintained and developed by the original author, Dean Jones.[2]

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