Coat of arms of Ghana
ArmigerRepublic of Ghana
Adopted4 March 1957
CrestA black star bordered in gold
TorseGold, green and red
ShieldAzure on a cross vert fimbriated Or a lion passant guardant Or, in the first quarter a linguist's staff and ceremonial sword crossed in saltire Or, in the second quarter issuant from five bars wavy Argent and Azure a castle Argent upon a mount Or, in the third quarter affixed in a grassy plain a cocoa tree proper and in the fourth quarter upon a grassy plain a mine proper.
SupportersTwo eagles displayed Or around each of whose neck hangs a black star fimbriated Or suspended from a ribbon tierced gules, Or and vert upon a grassy compartment proper
MottoFreedom and Justice
Earlier version(s)
Gold Coast

The coat of arms of Ghana was designed by Ghanaian artist Nii Amon Kotei and was introduced on 4 March 1957.[1]



British Gold Coast

Danish Gold Coast

Dutch Gold Coast

English Gold Coast

Brandenburger/Prussian Gold Coast

Portuguese Gold Coast

Swedish Gold Coast


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