CoboCards is a web application for creation, study and sharing of flashcards.[1] They also provide mobile application for Android and iOS mobile devices, to help study of flashcards on the move.

Based on the freemium model, CoboCards provides users a free account with two card sets compared to paid subscription with premium features such as unlimited card sets, Leitner system based trainer and collaborative learning.


CoboCards is a project of Jamil Soufan and Tamim Swaid. Tamim Swaid has developed the concept and interface of a collaboratively usable e-learning platform in his diploma thesis at the University of Applied Sciences in February 2007.[2] In January 2010 they founded the CoboCards GmbH (limited company) together with Ali Yildirim.[2]

CoboCards is supported by its strategic partners Prof. Schroeder (RWTH Aachen University), Prof. Oliver Wrede (University for Applied Sciences Aachen) and Prof. Klaus Gasteier (University of Arts Berlin).[2]

With the idea of creating and studying flashcards online and offering an active control of learning progress they won the start2grow business idea competition in September 2009 (25.000 €).[3]

Additionally CoboCards was funded by German Authorities with approximately 100.000 €.


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