Coleco Sonic
Also known asPlayPal, Pocket Gear
ManufacturerColeco Holdings, Sega
TypeHandheld game console
Generation7th generation revival
MediaIntegrated, 20 games
Display2.4" TFT LCD or composite out
Power3x AAA batteries or DC in
Online servicesNone
Best-selling gameN/A

The Coleco Handeld Electronic Games - 20 in 1 (colloquially known as the Coleco Sonic) is a handheld game console released in 2006 by Coleco Holdings,[1] also marketed as PlayPal in Canada and the United Kingdom and Pocket Gear in Europe. The system sold for $49.99.[2]It features 20 built-in games from the Master System and Game Gear.[3] All the games can be played either on the integrated 2.4" TFT LCD display, or output to a TV via composite video.[4] Its name references the Sega mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, who stars in some of the games. The system comes with a power adapter, but can also use 3 AAA batteries as a substitute.



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