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Colombian Fino Hound
Other namesSabueso Fino Colombiano
Height Standard - 43–50 cm (17–20 in)
Grande — 51–60 cm (20–24 in)
Weight Standard - 15–25 kg (33–55 lb)
Grande — 25–35 kg (55–77 lb)
Coat Short
Colour Any shade, pattern or combination of red, black, white, brown or brindle
Kennel club standards
Asociación Club Canino Colombiano standard
Dog (domestic dog)

The Colombian Fino Hound (Spanish: Sabueso Fino Colombiano) is a breed of scent hound from Colombia.


It is believed the Colombian Fino Hound descends from scent hounds imported into Colombia, the breed has been known in the country for at least two centuries although there is some evidence that some of the breed's ancestors have been in the country for up to 350 years.[1] The breed is found within rural communities, particularly in the north of the country, and is considered part of peasant culture.[1][2] The breed is recognised by Colombia's national kennel club, the Asociación Club Canino Colombiano, and in 2015 it was estimated there were as many as 10,000 examples of the breed within Colombia.[1][3]


The Colombian Fino Hound is a medium-sized, short haired, long eared breed which displays many typical scent hound traits.[1][2] The Asociación Club Canino Colombiano's breed standard states the breed comes in two sizes, the standard size stands between 43 and 50 centimetres (17 and 20 in), whilst the larger grande size stands between 51 and 60 centimetres (20 and 24 in).[3] The breed standard states the standard sized variety weighs between 15 and 25 kilograms (33 and 55 lb) and the grande variety weighs between 25 and 35 kilograms (55 and 77 lb).[3]

The Colombian Fino Hound short haired coat can be found in a broad range colours, the breed standard stating they can be any shade, pattern or combination of red, black, white, brown or brindle; the breed has a long tail.[1][2][3] The breed has a very strong sense of smell.[1]

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