"Color and Light"
Desperate Housewives episode
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 7
Directed byDavid Grossman
Written byMarc Cherry
Production code207
Original air dateNovember 13, 2005
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"I Wish I Could Forget You"
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"Color and Light" is the 30th episode of the ABC television series, Desperate Housewives. The episode was the seventh episode for the show's second season. The episode was written by Marc Cherry and was directed by David Grossman. It originally aired on Sunday, November 13, 2005.

The episode was originally titled "I Must Be Dreaming". Due to time constraints, the opening credits were cut.


Lynette Scavo has always known that her children were different from the other neighborhood boys since Porter, Parker and Preston like to play different games. When several of the mothers did not want to make play dates anymore with Lynette's kids, she discovers that if the boys' play dates disappear that her free time will also. Lynette then finds her twins playing with a new group of friends (also twins) who have just moved in the area. When Norma, the boys' mother asks Lynette if the boys are all right, Lynette decides that they are fine and that they are only playing. The two decide that they should arrange another play date. Lynette enjoys her freedom but when it comes their turn to host the boys, the Harper boys bring a video. When Porter and Preston leave the room, Lynette wonders if the other boys are boring them. Lynette enters the twins' bedroom where she finds Parker and the other boys watching their parents' homemade sextape. Immediately Lynette blocks the television before Norma's breast is exposed and ejects the tape and keeps it in her possession. When Lynette and Tom approach Norma and Leonard about their tape, Norma panics feeling outed and ashamed. Leonard has the opposite effect and decides to show Lynette and Tom their private film studio where they shoot and produce all of their videos. Lynette and Tom look on in horror and decide not to have another play date with Norma's kids.

George surprises Bree when he tells her that he has purchased a house in the neighborhood. Bree feels happy for George but she discovers his mother and a realtor are hiding in the other room. When the women leave them alone, George proposes to Bree. Bree freezes up but because George's mother is in the room, she accepts, sparking a celebration. Bree then has second thoughts when she talks it over with Albert Goldfine, her marriage-counselor-turned-therapist. Dr. Goldfine asks if this is what she wants after her previous marriage ended so suddenly. Bree knows in her heart that she loves George as a friend, but not as a spouse and would love to do things with him even if that means getting married against her will. When she comes next to visit George, many of his friends are there and Bree is introduced to all of them. A friend of George says that he made a bet that he was gay, and demands proof in nine months. As Bree does not understand what "9 months" means, George talks of the possibility of children. Bree walks out with George following her. Bree tells George that she cannot marry him and when he asks why she tells him that she had talked it over with her therapist. George says that they can marry later. Bree drives away as George gives a cold look and walks back into the party. The following day, George follows Dr. Goldfine jogging and when Goldfine least expects it, George comes from behind and throws him off the bridge he had been jogging on.

Gabrielle is beginning to show signs of her pregnancy which she is not liking since her weight is going up and she is expecting old friends from her modeling days to arrive. Gabrielle tries her best to cover up her pregnancy so the women won't tease her for beginning the journey to becoming yet another bored, fat housewife - which Gabrielle vowed she'd never become. Gabrielle goes on a 48-hour crash diet, but still is unable to fit into the gorgeous gown. With help from Bree, she manages to get into the dress and Bree tells her parenthood is a cherished gift and some things are hard to cover up. Gabrielle smiles and continues to prepare for the arrival of her friends. When they arrive, they automatically see that Gabrielle is pregnant and instead of making fun of her, they congratulate her. Gabrielle feels proud of her former friends' acceptance but finally understands that her true friends are the ones that do not judge.

Susan removes the last of her belongings from Mike's house and the two part ways. Susan then witnesses her ex-husband Karl breaking up with Edie. The following evening, Karl visits Susan who is alone and the two begin to drink a bottle of wine. Karl tells Susan the reason that he and Edie broke up was because he kept an old picture of Susan underneath his mattress. Edie saw this as a sign of Karl's recurring love for Susan even though they are divorced. The following morning, Julie arrives home to find her two parents in bed after a night of unexpected romance. Julie looks in disgust and quickly leaves. Later, Susan tells Karl that their fling the night prior was a one-night stand since she is clearly not ready and unwilling to get back with him. Karl feels differently but, after considering it seriously, returns to Edie. Edie then unexpectedly thanks Susan for whatever she did to reunite the two. Susan feels as if she made a difference but still feels lonely because of her judgment.

Betty and Matthew discover that Caleb has escaped shortly after their confrontation. Caleb's disappearance leads them to snooping around the neighborhood for any traces of Caleb. Matthew searches the street but is soon drawn to Danielle Van De Kamp when he searches Bree's backyard. He lies and tells her that he is there to ask her out. Danielle surprisingly says "yes" and Matthew leaves the yard happy. That night however, after Gabrielle finished entertaining her guests she goes upstairs to find a box of ice cream half-eaten causing her to think she has an intruder in her house. Gabrielle soon comes eye to eye with Caleb and quickly runs away before he does anything dangerous. Her escape comes with a price though when she trips and falls down the stairs. Gabrielle lands on the floor helpless and witnesses Caleb leaving the house. Bree arrives back at Gabrielle with her sewing kit but immediately calls an ambulance when she finds Gabrielle on the floor. Gabrielle is escorted into the ambulance van as she clutches her baby's sonogram picture.


Although credited, Carlos Solis (Ricardo Antonio Chavira), Andrew Van De Kamp (Shawn Pyfrom), Zach Young (Cody Kasch) and Paul Young (Mark Moses) do not appear in this episode.

Series continuity

This is the final episode featuring Page Kennedy as Caleb Applewhite.

Title reference

The episode title "Color and Light" comes from the Stephen Sondheim musical, Sunday in the Park with George.

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