Department of Local Affairs
Department overview
Department executives
  • Rick M. Garcia, Executive Director
  • Dionne Williams, Deputy Director

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) is the principal department of the Colorado state government[1] responsible for local government assistance, property taxation, property assessment appeals, affordable housing, and housing construction regulation.


DOLA is composed of the:

Division Description
Board of Assessment Appeals
  • Hears appeals filed by real and personal property owners regarding property tax assessments.
Division of Housing
  • Provides state and federal funding to private housing developers, housing authorities and local governments to increase the inventory of affordable housing.
  • Offers Section 8 rental assistance statewide through local housing authorities and non-profit service organizations.
  • Certifies all factory/manufactured structures built in or shipped to Colorado.
  • Approves multifamily construction in counties with no construction codes.
Division of Local Government
  • Provides technical assistance and information to local governments on available federal and state programs
  • Acts as a liaison with other state agencies concerned with local governments.
  • Performs research on local government issues.
Division of Property Taxation
  • Coordinates and administers the implementation of property tax law throughout the 64 counties.
  • Operates under the leadership of the property tax administrator, who is appointed by the Colorado State Board of Equalization.


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