Communion of Western Orthodox Churches
Communion des Églises Orthodoxes Occidentales
ClassificationWestern Orthodox
OriginDecember 25, 2007
Official website

The Communion of Western Orthodox Churches (CWOC; French: Communion des Églises orthodoxes occidentales, CEOO) is a communion of Christian churches.


The communion currently comprises three member churches:

The CWOC was established on 25 December 2007 with the signing of its charter and the concelebration of a mass for the Nativity of the Lord by Bishop Maël de Brescia and Bishop Mark of the Celtic Orthodox Church, Bishop Vigile and Bishop Martin Laplaud of the French Orthodox Church, and Bishop Gregory Mendez of the Orthodox Church of the Gauls.[1][2][3][4]

Relations with other churches

Written into the directives of the CWOC are provisions for accepting other Orthodox churches which also subscribe to its charter and principles:[5]

The acceptance of other Christian churches which adhere to the principles set forth in the Charter and to the uses, advice and directives of the Communion is subject to the unanimous agreement of the signatory churches. This agreement will be informed by comprehensive information about the history, life, spirit and authenticity of the candidate church. Consultations between our churches will be necessary to discern the merits of this candidature.


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