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Communist League of Luxembourg
Political positionFar-left

Communist League of Luxemburg (German: Kommunistischer Bund Luxemburg, Luxembourgish: Kommunistesche Bond Letzeburg), was a pro-China communist group in Luxembourg. Forerunner of the KBL was the Association Générale des Etudiants Luxembourgeois (ASSOSS). ASSOSS was originally a left liberal organization founded in 1912 which moved leftward in the sixties. In 1969 it was transformed in the radical Gauche Socialiste et Révolutionnaire (GSR). After the split of the trotskyist Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire (LCR) in 1970 the majority of GSR was renamed in KBL in 1972.[1][2] In 1972 Kommunistische Gruppe Luxemburg (KGL) split from KBL. In 1975 Kommunistische Organisation Luxemburgs / Marxisten-Leninisten (KOL/ML) broke away but returned in 1978. In 1979 KBL was the driving force behind the electoral Alternativ Lëscht – Wiert Iech which won 0,7 p.c. in the parliamentary elections. In the same year the majority of KBL left and founded the short-lived organization Fir de Sozialismus. The KBL ceased activities in 1980.

The secretary of KBL was Charles Doerner.[2] Other leading members were Jean Heisbourg, Robert Medernach, Lucien Blau, Thers Bodé.

KBL published Rote Fahne and since 1977 Roude Fändel (Red Banner).[2]


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