Compendium maleficarum, collected in 3 books from many sources, showing the iniquitous and execrable operations of witches against the human race, and the divine remedies by which they may be frustrated
Banchetto sabba compendium maleficarum.jpg
illustration from the original edition
AuthorFrancesco Maria Guazzo
TranslatorE. A. Ashwin
CountryDuchy of Milan
Subjectwitchcraft, demonology
Genrewitch hunter manuals
PublisherApud Haeredes August
Publication date
Published in English
Original text
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Compendium Maleficarum is a witch-hunter's manual written in Latin by Francesco Maria Guazzo, and published in Milan (present-day Italy) in 1608.

It discusses witches' pacts with the devil, and detailed descriptions of witches’ powers and poisons. It also contains Guazzo's classification of demons, based on a previous work by Michael Psellus.


The book was not translated into English until 1929, when this was accomplished under the direction of the eccentric witchcraft scholar Montague Summers.[1]


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