Coniraya crater.jpg
Coniraya (center right, overlain by three smaller craters). Gaue is at lower right, cut-off by the edge of the image.
Coordinates39°52′N 65°31′E / 39.86°N 65.51°E / 39.86; 65.51Coordinates: 39°52′N 65°31′E / 39.86°N 65.51°E / 39.86; 65.51[1]
Diameter136.12 kilometres (84.58 mi)
NamingAfter the Inca god of the Moon

Coniraya is a large crater on Ceres

The crater is named after the Incan lunar and fertility deity. In one story, Coniraya Viracocha (Kon Iraya Wiraqocha) came to earth at Huarochirí (Waruchiri), where he created villages, terraced fields and irrigation canals.


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