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GenreDocumentary, Reality
Created byRam Landes
Based onThe Israeli format MEHUBARIM
by Ram Landes and Doron Zabari
  • Eli Bendet-Taicher
  • Ido Bendet-Taicher
  • Jonathan Bricklin
  • Nina Ferrer
  • Derek Gaines
  • Lori Levine
  • Rosie Noesi
Theme music composerOphir Leibovitch
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes20 (list of episodes)
Executive producersRam Landes
Ami Teer
Dave Oren
Jennifer Lebeau
Jeremy Chilnick
Michal Dagon
Ethan Goldman
Ran Harnevo
Nathan Hayden
Dermot McCormack
Tal Simantov
Morgan Spurlock
Neta Zwebner
Production locationNew York
Running time25 minutes
Production companiesKoda Communications
Warrior Poets
Original release
NetworkAOL On
ReleaseMarch 31, 2015 (2015-03-31) –

Connected is an American documentary web series on AOL On, executive produced by Morgan Spurlock. The first season, in which 6 NYC stories are included, was released on March 31, 2015. The show was adapted from the Israeli version with the same name MEHUBARIM מחוברים, originally produced by Koda Communications. The show's creators are Ram Landes and Doron Zabari and the director is Ami Teer.

The show follows 6 participants, each from a different background who film themselves with no crew involved, only using a hand-held video camera. The show's participants quickly become their own directors who are able to tell their own story using the cameras that they were given. During the production, about 2000 hours of raw footage was collected, which has been edited to 20 episodes of about 25 minutes each.

The original docu-drama format was sold to more than 17 production companies and distribution channels from countries including Denmark, France, Ireland, India, Norway, Finland and the USA. The US version has been produced by Koda Communications, an Israeli production company created by Ram Landes, which produces the Israeli version as well.

Connected Season 1 Cast (from left to right): Jonathan, Derek, Lori, Nina, Eli and Ido, Rosie


Season 1 (2015)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Episode Participants Guest Appearances Release Date
11"Walking Up To The Pretty Girl[1][2]"TBDJonathan Bricklin, Nina Ferrer, Derek GainesTBA3/31/2015 (3/31/2015)
22"Shooting Daggers[3][4]"TBDLori Levine, Derek Gaines, Rosie NoesiTBA3/31/2015 (3/31/2015)
33"In a Split Second[5][6]"TBDJonathan Bricklin, Eli Bendet-Taicher, Ido Bendet-Taicher, Rosie NoesiTBA3/31/2015 (3/31/2015)
44"Pick Your Battles[7][8]"TBDNina Ferrer, Derek Gaines, Lori LevineTBA3/31/2015 (3/31/2015)
55"Divorce Is the New Chanel[9][10]"TBDLori Levine, Jonathan Bricklin, Rosie NoesiTBA4/13/2015 (4/13/2015)
66"Spinning Life's Curveballs[11][12]"TBDJonathan Bricklin, Eli Bendet-Taicher, Ido Bendet-Taicher, Rosie NoesiTBA4/13/2015 (4/13/2015)
77"Tearing Down Walls[13]"TBDLori Levine, Eli Bendet-Taicher, Ido Bendet-Taicher, Nina FerrerTBA4/13/2015 (4/13/2015)
88"It Must Be Thanksgiving[14]"TBDDerek Gaines, Eli Bendet-Taicher, Ido Bendet-Taicher, Lori Levine, Nina FerrerTBA4/13/2015 (4/13/2015)
99"Clashing Baggage[15]"TBDJonathan Bricklin, Nina Ferrer, Derek GainesTBA4/27/2015 (4/27/2015)
1010"Family Is Who You Make It[16]"TBDLori Levine, Rosie Noesi, Derek GainesTBA4/27/2015 (4/27/2015)
1111"Birth Plan[17]"TBDNina Ferrer, Jonathan Bricklin, Derek GainesTBA4/27/2015 (4/27/2015)
1212"Ready for the Adventure[18]"TBDNina Ferrer, Eli Bendet-Taicher, Ido Bendet-Taicher, Jonathan BricklinTBA4/27/2015 (4/27/2015)
1313"Marriage & Other Arrangements[19]"TBDLori Levine, Jonathan Bricklin, Rosie NoesiTBA5/11/2015 (5/11/2015)
1414"The Journey[20]"TBDLori Levine, Nina Ferrer, Eli Bendet-Taicher, Ido Bendet-TaicherTBA5/11/2015 (5/11/2015)
1515"Sex, Lies & Valentine's[21]"TBDDerek Gaines, Rosie Noesi, Nina FerrerTBA5/11/2015 (5/11/2015)
1616"Rocking the Boat[22]"TBDLori Levine, Eli Bendet-Taicher, Ido Bendet-Taicher, Rosie NoesiTBA5/11/2015 (5/11/2015)
1717"One Hell of a Ride[23]"TBDNina Ferrer, Jonathan Bricklin, Eli Bendet-Taicher, Ido Bendet-TaicherTBA5/25/2015 (5/25/2015)
1818"Love & Restrictions[24]"TBDJonathan Bricklin, Derek Gaines, Lori LevineTBA5/25/2015 (5/25/2015)
1919"Heading Home[25]"TBDLori Levine, Eli Bendet-Taicher, Ido Bendet-Taicher, Derek GainesTBA5/25/2015 (5/25/2015)
2020"Love Around the Corner[26]"TBDRosie Noesi, Lori Levine, Eli Bendet-Taicher, Ido Bendet-Taicher, Derek GainesTBA5/25/2015 (5/25/2015)


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