Conservative Friends of Gibraltar was a lobby group within the Conservative Party opposed to any joint sovereignty of Gibraltar with Spain.


The central objective of C.F.G. was, as its Founding Declaration stated:

To promote and defend the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar within the Conservative Party, the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and beyond.

Related objectives of C.F.G. included:

  1. For Gibraltar to remain British in its entirety and in perpetuity.
  2. To oppose any negotiations or agreements about the future of Gibraltar that are contrary to the wishes of the Gibraltarian people.
  3. To expose the illegitimacy of Spain's claim to Gibraltar.
  4. To promote a settled constitutional status for Gibraltar.
  5. CFG shall work to promote these objectives first and foremost within the Conservative Party, seeking through reasoned argument and debate to have them made official Party policy. CFG shall also, though, work to promote these objectives to a wider audience wherever possible.


Honorary officers

Elected officers