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Republic of Chile
República de Chile
Anthem: (1826–1847)
Canción Nacional Chilena
Himno Nacional de Chile
Location of Chile
Common languagesSpanish
GovernmentPresidential system
• 1830–1831
Jose Tomas Ovalle
• 1831–1841
Jose Joaquin Prieto
• 1841–1851
Manuel Bulnes
• 1851-1861
Manuel Montt
17 April 1826
• Inauguration of Jose Joaquin Perez
18 September 1861
ISO 3166 codeCL
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Patria Nueva
Governorate of Chiloé
Liberal Republic

In Chilean historiography, the Conservative Republic was a period of Chilean history that extended between 1826[1] and 1861, characterized by the hegemony of the conservative party, whose supporters were called pelucones. It began with the defeat of the pipiolos (Liberals) by the pelucones at the Battle of Lircay ending the Chilean Civil War of 1829–30 and concluded in 1861 with the election of the independent Jose Joaquin Perez as president, ending the hegemony of the conservative party.

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