The contrabass trumpet is the lowest sounding member of the trumpet family, most closely related to the Bass trumpet. It is a specialty instrument, very rarely used except when the performer deems it necessary. The bell of current models being sold is approximately 24.5 cm.[1] Many large scale instrument retailers still sell the contrabass trumpet, even though it is significantly less popular than other trumpet models.[2]


In 1967 while playing with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Roger Bobo was looking for an instrument that would fit the sound he was imagining for ‘Canzonas’ by Gabrieli.[3] Unhappy with the sound of the contrabass trombone, he sought assistance from George Strucel.[3] The pair worked together to put together a makeshift instrument that later became known as the contrabass trumpet.[3] The bell and tubing were provided by Bach.[3] The bell was that of a contrabass trombone while the rest of the instrument was made from scrap material found at a music exchange.[3] The final cost of the project by Roger Bobo and George Strucel amounted to merely $125.[3]


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