A corn mummy with a wax mask of Osiris, Ptolemaic Dynasty, Archaeological Museum of Kraków

A corn mummy or germinating Osiris[1] is an Ancient Egyptian sculpture of Osiris that contained germinated grain seeds, commonly wheat or barley.[2][3][4] The rest of the mummy was made up of other materials such as wax, sand and earth.[2][3] They were fitted with masks most commonly made of wax but sometimes silver.[5] The mummies were provided with wooden coffins.[2][3]

Germinating Osiris, Late Period, Metropolitan Museum of Art

They seem to have been buried as part of certain festivals such as Khoiak.[2][3] They were also buried in tombs as part of funerary paraphernalia, with a notable example being found in the tomb of Horemheb, KV57, in the Valley of the Kings.[6]


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