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Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB; Latvian: Korupcijas novēršanas un apkarošanas birojs) is a specialised anti-corruption authority of Latvia. Its aim is to fight corruption in Latvia in a coordinated and comprehensive way through prevention, investigation and education. KNAB was established October 2002 and is fully operational since February 2003.[1]

KNAB is an independent public administration institution under the supervision of the Cabinet of Ministers. The supervision is executed by the Prime Minister. It is limited to the control of lawfulness of decisions. KNAB is also a pre-trial investigatory body and has traditional police powers.

KNAB represents Latvia at the GRECO.[2]

The current director of KNAB is Jēkabs Straume (appointed on June 15, 2017).[3] The deputy director on corruption combating matters is Jānis Roze.

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