Based onCreepshow
by Stephen King & George A. Romero
ComposerChristopher Drake
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes11
Production locationGeorgia
Running time42–45 minutes
Production companies
  • Monster Agency Productions
  • Striker Entertainment
  • Taurus Entertainment
DistributorWarner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
Original networkShudder
Original releaseSeptember 26, 2019 (2019-09-26) –

Creepshow is an American horror anthology streaming television series that was released on Shudder in 2019.[1] A continuation of the 1982 film of the same name, the series features six episodes with two horror stories per episode.[1]

The series premiered on September 26, 2019.[2]

On October 30, 2019, the series was renewed for a second season.[3] On October 30, 2020, an animated special titled A Creepshow Animated Special was released.[4] On November 10, 2020, it was announced that a holiday special titled A Creepshow Holiday Special would premiere on December 18, 2020.[5] On February 18, 2021, the series was renewed for a third season, and the second season premiered on April 1, 2021.[6]


The Creep shows audience members darkly grim horror stories from the pages of the Creepshow comic book.


Series overview

SeasonEpisodesSegmentsOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
1612September 26, 2019 (2019-09-26)October 31, 2019 (2019-10-31)
Specials23October 30, 2020 (2020-10-30)December 18, 2020 (2020-12-18)
259April 1, 2021 (2021-04-01)April 29, 2021 (2021-04-29)

Season 1 (2019)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"Gray Matter"Greg NicoteroStory by : Stephen King
Teleplay by : Byron Willinger and Philip de Blasi
September 26, 2019 (2019-09-26)
"The House of the Head"John HarrisonJosh MalermanSeptember 26, 2019 (2019-09-26)

Gray Matter: During a hurricane, a group of townspeople huddled together in a store encounter local boy Timmy Grenadine (Christopher Nathan), who asks for a case of beer for his alcoholic father Richie (Jesse C. Boyd). When Timmy mentions that his father is "real sick" and doesn't want to go back home, the chief of police (Tobin Bell) and his friend Doc (Giancarlo Esposito) volunteer to check on him. While they travel to Timmy's house, Timmy explains to the shopkeeper Dixie (Adrienne Barbeau) that his after Richie's wife died, his drinking problem spiraled out of control. After drinking a "bad beer" one day, Richie gradually transformed into a gelatinous monster with a taste for human flesh. When the chief discovers the monster, he tries to put it down, only for the creature to eat him and begin multiplying. Doc runs back to the store to report on what has happened as Dixie does a total on how long it will be before the creatures eventually take over the world. The hands of the multiplied creatures then break in through the ceiling and grab Doc as he, Dixie, and Timmy scream.

The House of the Head: Evie (Cailey Fleming), an imaginative young girl, is the new owner of a large dollhouse for a family of dolls she calls the Smithsmiths. After returning home from school the next day, she discovers the Smithsmiths have been moved into different positions than she left them. She also discovers that the dollhouse contains a ghoulish severed head that appears to have supernatural abilities, moving throughout the dollhouse when she isn't watching. Fearing that the head will eventually kill her doll family, Evie buys more dolls to try remove it from the house. After the head manages to decapitate a police officer figurine and a Native American figurine when they try to remove it from the house, it then decapitates the Smithsmiths themselves. Fed up, Evie takes the head and angrily throws it across the room. Realizing the mistake she made, Evie looks for the head. She finds it under her bed, where it has grown to human size. To finally get rid of it, Evie locks the head back in the dollhouse, then has her parents sell the house at a yard sale.

Also starring Rachel Hendrix, David Shea, Guy Messenger, and Diane D. Carter.
22"Bad Wolf Down"Rob SchrabRob SchrabOctober 3, 2019 (2019-10-03)
"The Finger"Greg NicoteroDavid J. SchowOctober 3, 2019 (2019-10-03)

Bad Wolf Down: In World War II, Lawrence Talby (David A. MacDonald), the captain of a massacred platoon of American soldiers, retreats into a French forest with his surviving men (Nelson Bonilla, Callan Wilson, and Kid Cudi). The soldiers manage to seek refuge within an abandoned police station, but discover that the station is inhabited by a guilt-consumed werewolf (Kate Freund). Before long, the station is surrounded on all sides by Nazi soldiers led by a vengeful Obersturmführer (Jeffrey Combs) who seeks revenge on the soldiers for murdering his son. With no other options available, Talby and his men resort to drastic measures, allowing themselves to be converted into werewolves to stay alive. Using their newfound abilities, Talby and his men manage to slaughter their attackers.

The Finger: Clark Wilson (DJ Qualls), a lonely and resentful man who has a bitter outlook on life, collects lost and abandoned objects. One day, he discovers a mysterious severed finger in the middle of the street. After taking the finger home, he ends up spilling beer on it. Over time, the finger gradually grows into a strange lizard-like creature he dubs "Bob". Clark and Bob manage to get along surprisingly well, but it would seem that Bob likes Clark too much, as he begins seeking out and killing anyone who angers his new owner, presenting Clark with their body parts as morbid offerings while attracting the attention of two police detectives (Antwan Mills and Gino Crognale). When the police ultimately find him trying to dispose of the heads of his ungrateful step-children into his garbage disposal, Clark is committed to an asylum. He proceeds to go insane, telling the viewers that Bob loves him and will come for him as he hears Bob chittering outside his window.

Also starring Jake Garber.
33"All Hallows Eve"John HarrisonBruce JonesOctober 10, 2019 (2019-10-10)
"The Man in the Suitcase"David BrucknerChristopher BuehlmanOctober 10, 2019 (2019-10-10)

All Hallows Eve: Pete, Jill, Binky, Bobby, and Skeeter (Connor Christie, Madison Thompson, Jason Jabbar Wardlaw Jr., Andrew Eakle, and Aodhan Lane) are five kids who call themselves the Golden Dragons. On Halloween night, the Golden Dragons gather to dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating. The quintet stroll throughout the neighborhood supposedly in search of candy. Considering that the adults in the neighborhood show fear and resentment toward the Golden Dragons, it would seem that these children have more to them than meets the eye. This turns out to be the case when they seek out Eddie Hathaway (Michael May) and abduct him. Revealed to be ghosts, the Golden Dragons reminisce on their last day alive, where it is revealed that Eddie and his friends set fire to their treehouse as a prank, causing the Golden Dragons to burn to death. Despite his pleas that it was his friends' idea, the Golden Dragons tie Eddie to the burned ruins of their treehouse and burn him alive. Having broken their cycle of revenge, the Golden Dragons head to the town cemetery and disappear.

Also starring Julia Denton, Scott Johnson, Tom Olson, and Erica Frene.

The Man in the Suitcase: Justin (Will Kidrachuck), a college student returning from a trip home to beg his dad for money, discovers a man (Ravi Naidu) painfully squeezed into his suitcase when he returns. Justin also discovers that the man is able to produce gold coins when he feels pain upon trying to get him out. His ex-girlfriend Carla and roommate Alex (Madison Bailey and Ian Gregg) discover the man in the suitcase as well. Upon seeing the man's ability to produce gold, Carla and Alex rope Justin into torturing the unfortunate man for 48 hours in the hopes of amassing a mother lode of coins. When the 48 hours are over, Alex and Carla get far too consumed with greed and grievously injure Justin when he tries to stop them. In response, the man calls them "naughty" and reveals himself to be a monstrous djinn, punishing the greedy duo by producing two suitcases. Justin later wakes up in the hospital, where he spies a note from the djinn, stating that he'll be there if he needs him. At the airport, the djinn's human form places his two suitcases on the conveyor belt at the airport. Carla and Alex are heard futilely screaming from within the suitcases.

Also starring Big Boi, Nasim Bowlus, and Carey Jones.
44"The Companion"David BrucknerStory by : Joe R. Lansdale, Kasey Lansdale & Keith Lansdale
Teleplay by : Matt Venne
October 17, 2019 (2019-10-17)
"Lydia Layne's Better Half"Roxanne BenjaminStory by : John Harrison & Greg Nicotero
Teleplay by : John Harrison
October 17, 2019 (2019-10-17)

The Companion: In 1987, a young boy named Harold (Logan Allan) flees from his brother Billy (Voltaire Colin Council), who happens to be a relentless bully. Harold hides on an abandoned farm which he discovers is inhabited by a grotesque scarecrow (Carey Jones) that manages to come to life. He learns that the scarecrow was created to act as a companion by a lonely farmer who eventually committed suicide, and is now looking to kill Harold for trespassing on its late creator's home. Upon finding the farmer's cane, he uses it to protect himself from the scarecrow, discovering that it has a psychological hold on the creature. Harold utilizes this turn of events and brings the scarecrow back to his house, which he unleashes on Billy as revenge for his brother's abuse.

Also starring Dylan Smitty, Afemo Omilami, and Addison Hershey.

Lydia Layne's Better Half: Lydia Layne (Tricia Helfer), the powerful owner of a large private equity group, passes over her lover Celia Mendez (Danielle Lyn) for an important promotion to CFO which she gives to another worker (Michael Scialabba). In the ensuing argument, Lydia accidentally kills Celia by shoving her into an award which punctures her head. She attempts to discreetly move Celia's corpse into an elevator to try and dispose of it when an earthquake causes the power to go out. Trapped in the elevator for hours on end, Lydia notices Celia's corpse angrily glaring at her and eventually moving on its own, almost as if Celia isn't through with her yet. This turns out to be the truth when Celia's corpse comes back to life and attacks Lydia. When the elevator is opened, the first responders who arrive find Celia's corpse, with a smile on its face, observing Lydia's severed head in her lap.

Also starring Jordan Patrick, Dennis Bouldin, and David Wise.
55"Night of the Paw"John HarrisonJohn EspositoOctober 24, 2019 (2019-10-24)
"Times is Tough in Musky Holler"John HarrisonStory by : John Skipp and Dori Miller
Teleplay by : John Skipp and Dori Miller
October 24, 2019 (2019-10-24)

Night of the Paw: Angela (Hannah Barefoot), a murderer on the run, crashes her car and is left badly injured. She later awakens in a funeral home, her injuries patched up, and finds that local mortician Avery "Whitey" Whitlock (Bruce Davison) is the person responsible. Inviting her upstairs, Avery shows her that he possesses a monkey's paw that grants wishes which tend to backfire horrifically on the user. Avery tells her about how he and his wife had the paw given to him by a now-deceased client, and how a wish made by his late wife for money caused her to die in an accident. He then used it to wish her back to life, but she became a zombie he was forced to kill. The next morning, Whitey tells Angela that her arrival at his funeral home was not mere coincidence, since he wished for a murderer to relieve him of his misery, revealing that Angela was on the run for performing a mercy kill on her dying husband. When she ends up having to kill him, Angela takes the monkey's paw and drives to the morgue. She finds her husband and uses the paw on him, but her poor wording causes him and the other bodies in the morgue to become zombies. Angela's husband devours her as the paw's final finger clenches.

Also starring Susannah Devereaux, Grace Toso, and Ryan Clay.

Times is Tough in Musky Holler: When a zombie apocalypse plagued the town of Musky Holler, used car salesman Lester M. Barclay (Dane Rhodes) used the chaos to convince the city council to appoint him mayor. Once he was put in power, Lester ruled the town with an iron fist; having his predecessor murdered, sanctioning sheriff Deke (David Arquette) and the police officers loyal to him to rape and murder as they pleased (one of their victims being the original sheriff), and executing anyone who would attempt to challenge his authority, turning the high school football field into an arena and using zombies he had weaponized to dispose of them for his entertainment. In addition, town pastor Mitchell Ryan (Kermit Rolison), his wife, and his adult son claimed that Lester's actions were under the orders of God, news director Don Pomade (Tommy Kane) had willingly broadcast Lester's lies, and a local woman named Leslianne Dowd (Karen Strassman) spread gossip that somehow led to the deaths of innocent people. In the present, Lottie (Tracey Bonner) and the original sheriff's son Ezra (Connor Hammond) have led a rebellion to overthrow the corrupt Lester, proceeding to have Lester and his followers subjected to the weaponized zombies through "Live Pie". The limbless zombies of those Lester had sent to death slowly crawl toward the condemned, devouring the faces of whomever was responsible for their death with the announcer commentating. The former mayor's zombie then eats Lester's face as the announcer quotes "And now we have pie".
66"Skincrawlers"Roxanne BenjaminPaul Dini & Stephen LangfordOctober 31, 2019 (2019-10-31)
"By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain"Tom SaviniStory by : Joe Hill
Teleplay by : Jason Ciaramella
October 31, 2019 (2019-10-31)

Skincrawlers: An overweight man named Henry Quayle (Dana Gould) learns about "Skin Deep by Sloan", a miraculous new treatment for weight loss created by Dr. Herbert Sloan (Chad Michael Collins) in which fat cells from a person’s body are liquified and sucked out by a newly discovered and highly advanced species of leech. Though initially reluctant, Henry is talked into taking the treatment on live television. However, the day of the treatment is also the same day that a major once-in-a-century solar eclipse is set to occur. When the eclipse reaches totality, the supposed miracle cure is revealed to have horrific side effects on those who went through it. This causes larval leeches to gorily burst from their bodies. When Henry confronts Dr. Sloan, he states that he was overweight as well, always looking for a fast cure. He assures that they tested the leeches through every possible scenario, but not counting on solar eclipses. A large, tentacled leech bursts out of Dr. Sloan's body and starts to attack Henry. Henry manages to kill the leech by crushing it with a vending machine. With the news room still in chaos, Henry triumphantly picks up a candy bar that spilled out of the machine and eats it.

Also starring Melissa Saint-Armand, Hina X. Khan, Beth Keener, Jason Graham, and Darin Toonder.

By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain: In 1984, teenager Rose Philips (Sydney Wease) mourns her father, who had died while attempting to hunt down Champ, the monster that allegedly lives in Lake Champlain. She now seeks to find Champ herself to prove her that late father’s claims of having seen the creature were not the delusions of a madman. When she, her little brother Joseph (David Alexander Kaplan), and her boyfriend Thomas (Connor Jones) discover what appears to be Champ’s corpse washed up on the shore of the lake, she discovers that her father was right all along, and seeks to show the proof to the world. However, she must first defend herself from her abusive and sadistic stepfather Chet (James Devoti), who seeks to take the credit for the find. After engaging in a physical altercation, Chet holds the kids at knife-point, but he is suddenly devoured whole by a much larger creature. It turns out that the corpse is that of Champ's baby, who tenderly drags her child's corpse back into the lake. When Rose's mother (Gena Shaw) arrives on the scene, she discovers Champ's shadow disappearing into the fog, discovering that her husband was right all along. The family happily return home as Chet's severed leg washes up on the shore.

Specials (2020)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date [7]
1"Survivor Type"Gregory NicoteroStory by : Stephen King
Teleplay by : Gregory Nicotero
October 30, 2020 (2020-10-30)
"Twittering from the Circus of the Dead"Gregory NicoteroStory by : Joe Hill
Teleplay by : Melanie Dale
October 30, 2020 (2020-10-30)

Both stories in this episode are fully animated in a comic book style. This is illustrated in the cold opening, where the Creep is seen working at a drawing table:

Survivor Type: Richard Pinzetti (voiced by Kiefer Sutherland) is an unscrupulous surgeon with ties to New York City's criminal underworld. When he ends up boarding a cruise ship to drop off some heroin, the ship explodes and sinks, leaving Richard stranded on a tiny desert island with very little supplies. Alone with a woman's corpse and under the threat of starvation, Richard documents his life story and records his time on the island to keep his mind off his voracious appetite. After twisting his ankle, Richard is forced to amputate the injured foot to prevent the risk of infection, using the heroin he managed to save as a painkiller. As the days pass, Richard runs out of seagulls to catch and eat and the corpse he could've eaten is washed away, forcing him to resort to desperate measures to survive. Richard routinely amputates parts of his legs so he can eat them. By the end of the story, Richard goes completely insane and starts eating his hands.

Twittering from the Circus of the Dead: Blake (voiced by Joey King) is a bratty, social media-obsessed teenager who is, much to her horror, stuck on a road trip with her family. She constantly documents everything she is thinking on Twitter to keep herself sane. Eventually, Blake and her family stop by a circus in the middle of nowhere called "Circus of the Dead". Entering the tent, Blake and her family discover that the circus is filled with ravenous zombies that are forced by the sadistic staff to perform various morbid tricks. At first, Blake and her family think it is all a show, but they soon discover that the show may not entirely be scripted as Blake's brother Eric later volunteers for an act, dies in the process, and is turned into a zombie while the ringmistress states that this will be her final show due to her injuring her ankle. The zombies ultimately get loose and begin attacking the attendees. Blake and her mother are discovered by Blake's zombified father and are dragged into the darkness. A circus worker finds Blake's phone and uses her Twitter account to announce that Blake is now the new ringmistress of the Circus of the Dead, promising that the circus will be touring the country.

Also starring the voice of Fayna Sanchez in both segments.
2"Shapeshifters Anonymous"Gregory NicoteroStory by : J.A. Konrath
Teleplay by : Gregory Nicotero
December 18, 2020 (2020-12-18)

Fearing he is a murderer, Robert Weston (Adam Pally) searches for answers for his dilemma at Shapeshifters Anonymous, a support group for were-creatures. The members consist of Scott Howard (Pete Burris), a former member of the Marines that can turn into a were-tortoise, Irena Reed (Anna Camp), a teacher that can turn into a were-cheetah, Andy McDurmont (Frank Nicotero), a crass pervert who can turn into a were-boar, Phyllis Allenbee (Candy McLeilan), who is actually just a furry who aspires to be a were-hippopotamus, and Ryan (Derek Russo), a silent and mysterious man who comes to every meeting. When Robert is discovered to be a werewolf, the group soon comes under attack by the disciples of Santa Claus (Tom Glynn), known to the shapeshifters as "Kris Kringle", who turns out to be a Biblical figure on a mission to eliminate the world of therianthropes. Scott explains that in ancient times, Kringle (known then as "Kristofer") was commanded by God to battle Bob, one of his disciples who had been granted the ability to turn into a wolf to devour sinners that had since become prideful with his killings and needed to be taught a lesson. When he lost the battle, Kristofer felt betrayed and defected to Lucifer who granted him a pair of therianthrope killing weapons known as "Satan's Claws". As the therianthropes gun down a mob of men dressed as Santa who have come to kill them, then assume their animal forms to deal with the remaining disciples, Kringle attacks them. Ryan ends up saving them when he transforms, revealing himself to be Bob, distracting Kringle so Phyllis can chop his head off. He rewards the therianthropes with the ability to change at will and maintain control of their animal forms, but is unable to grant Phyllis' wish to become a were-hippopotamus. Making a different wish, Phyllis is taken home by Lil Yachty. Robert and Irena then begin a relationship, heading to Irena's apartment for sex.

Also starring Keith Flippen, Donnie Evans, Holly Stevenson, and Kara Kimmer.

Season 2 (2021)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
71"Model Kid"Greg NicoteroJohn EspositoApril 1, 2021 (2021-04-01)
"Public Television Of The Dead"Greg NicoteroRob SchrabApril 1, 2021 (2021-04-01)

Model Kid: In 1972, Joe Aurora (Brock Duncan), a 12-year-old boy who is bullied by Billy Niles (Chris Schmidt Jr.) for being obsessed with monsters and horror movies, lives with his mother June (Tyner Rushing), who is currently struggling in a battle against cancer. One day, Joe's Aunt Barb and Uncle Kevin (Jana Allen and Kevin Dillon) move into Joe's house after Kevin is temporarily fired from his job, though they also vow to help out due to June's illness. When June sadly ends up succumbing to her cancer in her sleep while watching Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Barb and Kevin become Joe's official legal guardians. When a call from his boss Mr. Warren confirms that his unemployment will be permanent, Kevin quickly becomes physically abusive towards Barb and Joe, lashing out at the both of them for still having a job and not acting like a "normal" kid, respectively. After Kevin trashes his monster models and horror memorabilia, Joe receives a visit from his mother's ghost from beyond the grave. The visit, which also enables Joe to receive an issue of the "Creepshow" comic, convinces him to purchase a new model known as "The Victim", which he uses like a voodoo doll to ensure, with the help of his monster friends, that his uncle receives his deserved comeuppance. This leads to Kevin getting ripped apart by the Gill-man and the Mummy from Gillman Meets the Mummy. When Barb comes home, she finds Kevin dead and Joe in his Count Dracula outfit as she watches one of the horror movies with him. The final shot shows the Victim, in Kevin's appearance, torn in half, the models of the Gillman and the Mummy looming over it.

Also starring Nik Morgan.

Public Television Of The Dead: In an homage to both PBS and The Evil Dead, Claudia Aberlan (Marissa Hampton), director of network programming at the WQPS public television station of Pittsburgh (a parody of real life PBS affiliate WQED in the same city), is forced to cancel The Love of Painting with Norm Roberts (a parody of The Joy of Painting) so that Mrs. Bookberry (Coley Campany), the cruel, arrogant, and racist hostess of Mrs. Bookberry's Magical Library (a cross between Reading Rainbow and Lamb Chop's Play-Along) can take the time slot of artist and Vietnam veteran Norm Roberts (Mark Ashworth). Meanwhile, during the filming of an episode of The Appraiser's Road Trip (a parody of Antiques Roadshow), host Goodman Tapert (Peter Leake) welcomes Ted Raimi on the show. Ted brings in the Necronomicon, which he says has been in his family for years, to be appraised. Goodman unlocks the book and manages to read the ancient incantations within aloud, turning Ted into a Deadite who proceeds to kill Tapert, turning him into a Deadite as well. At the same time, the demonic evil sealed within the book is unleashed and promptly runs rampant throughout the studio, killing several employees as the possessed Ted kills Bookberry, also turning her into a Deadite. When Claudia discovers what has happened, she, Norm, and Norm's director George (Todd Allen Durkin) must find the Necronomicon and lock it once again, as well stop the Deadite trio from reading the book on a live broadcast in hopes of spreading its dark influence to the station's viewers, a mission in which they fortunately succeed. With The Love of Painting back on the air, Claudia and George discuss the incident that occurred during Mrs. Bookberry's Magical Library being viewed a publicity stunt. What they don't know is that two children seen watching the station have become possessed.

Also starring Jason Kehler as the announcer
82"Dead and Breakfast"Axelle CarolynMichael Rousselet, Erik SandovalApril 7, 2021 (2021-04-07)
"Pesticide"Greg NicoteroFrank DietzApril 7, 2021 (2021-04-07)

Dead and Breakfast: Siblings Pamela and Samuel Spinster (Ali Larter and C. Thomas Howell), the grandchildren of infamous alleged serial killer "Old Lady Spinster", have inherited the maze-like boarding house that their psychotic ancestor operated in 1939, where she would murder anyone who violated the house's rules. To cash in on the legacy of their deranged grandmother, the duo have decided to turn the house into a murder-themed bed and breakfast, but continually fail to generate any reservations. Taking to the internet for marketing strategies, the siblings come across one of the livestreams of Morgue (Iman Benson), an influencer highly knowledgeable in true crime. Pam and Sam welcome Morgue to the house, where she not only points out flaws in Pam's stories about their grandmother and challenge her beliefs that she was a homicidal genius, but also uses sophisticated equipment to check the house and its various hidden passages for anything suspicious, determined to find out once and for all whether "Old Lady Spinster" was indeed a murderous psychopath, or just a drunken old lady who lived in a crazy house. During the investigation, Pam begins growing more and more unhinged as Morgue debunks her beliefs about her grandmother, to the point where she decides to repeat her grandmother's supposed crimes toward her. When Pamela ends up killing Morgue, she is then killed by Samuel, who in a years' time, reinvents the Spinster House to include both her and Morgue's deaths. While handling a day's profits, Samuel accidentally falls down a trap door. He finds skeletons all around him, proving that his grandmother was a serial killer all along. When he witnesses the trap door closing, he futilely shouts for someone to help him, failing to garner the attention of the oblivious tourists above.

Also starring Pamela Ricardo, Starr Lajoie, and Dominique Harris.

Pesticide: Harlan King (Josh McDermitt) is a crass and unscrupulous exterminator who claims he can eliminate any sort of pest, be it insect or rodent. After finishing up a job for and subsequently being dismissed by therapist Brenda Lanchester (Ashley Laurence), he is soon contacted and led to an abandoned factory, where he is met by Mr. Murdoch (Keith David), a mysterious real estate entrepreneur who plans to tear down the factory and build condos on it. Murdoch presents King with the sight of a small community of homeless people squatting on the property, preventing development of his project. Having failed to have them removed under normal circumstances multiple times, Murdoch tells King that they are the pests he wants eliminated. Uneased at killing human beings, King initially refuses, but reluctantly changes his mind when Murdoch offers him a briefcase full of money. Later that night, King discretely moves in to poison the homeless, but begins having second thoughts. When he awakens one of the homeless and they proceed to attack him, King is forced to kill him in self-defense by smashing a bottle of poison in his face. He also ends up killing the rest of the homeless when another bottle of poison is accidentally dropped into their stew. As a result of the guilt accumulated from the deed, King begins getting plagued by nightmares and hallucinations where he is viciously mauled and killed by various giant-sized pests, including a giant rat, an eagle-sized mosquito, and a spider the size of his truck. All of this leads King to believe that Mr. Murdoch is the Devil, with whom he has made a twisted deal. When Harlan awakens following an emergency session with Brenda, he finds himself shrunken to the size of a cockroach. He is then killed by Brenda, who believes him to be an insect. She is then visited by Mr. Murdoch, wearing extermination attire and laughing maniacally.
93"The Right Snuff"Joe LynchPaul Dini, Stephen Langford, Greg NicoteroApril 14, 2021 (2021-04-14)
"Sibling Rivalry"Rusty CundieffMelanie DaleApril 14, 2021 (2021-04-14)

The Right Snuff: Set during a period in the future (or possibly an alternate version of the 1960s) where space exploration has advanced significantly, Captain Alex Toomey (Ryan Kwanten) and Major Ted Lockwood (Breckin Meyer) are a pair of astronauts testing an experimental gravity manipulation machine aboard the space station Ocula. Alex, envious of Ted being considered the brains behind the gravity project and constantly living in the shadow of his father Michael Toomey, who happened to be the first man on Mars, starts hearing strange voices and noises aboard the ship. Eventually, Mission Control contacts the Ocula to tell the astronauts that an object their ship nearly collided with the other day was actually a probe sent by an alien race known as the Gorangi. Under orders from the government, Ted has been chosen to establish first contact with the Gorangi. With his maniacal jealousy mounting and hallucinations of his stern father continually goading him, Alex ends up trapping Ted in the gravity machine's chamber, using it to crush him under the pressure to the point where his head explodes. When Alex then meets the Gorangi, they scan his mind, discover what he has done, and inform him that his decision has grave ramifications not just for him, but all of humanity. As it turns out, not only was Ted actually an ambassador to the Gorangi, but by overusing the gravity machine to kill him, Alex has thrown the moon out of its gravitational field and put it on a collision course with Earth. As he witnesses the Earth and the moon being destroyed, Alex weeps in shock and remorse as his father's shadow continues to taunt him.

Also starring Gabrielle Byndloss and Kara Kimmer.

Sibling Rivalry: Lola Pierce (Maddie Nichols), a scatterbrained freshman at Manchester High School, believes that her brother Andrew (Andrew Brodeur) is attempting to kill her. She frantically attempts to explain herself to the school counselor Ms. Porter (Molly Ringwald), but ends up getting distracted and tells a long and convoluted story involving a sleepover at the house of her best friend Grace (Ja'ness Tate) and how the sleepover ended with Grace supposedly trying to kiss her in her sleep. After regaining her focus, she goes on to mention how Andrew had supposedly poisoned her dinner, researched medieval weapons online, and tied her up in the basement. While briefly concerned with evidence of possible sexual assault and an oncoming school shooting, Ms. Porter does not believe Lola and dismisses her story as a delusional ploy for attention. When she comes home and discovers her brother creeping up with an axe, Lola finally confronts him and demands to know why he plotting to kill her. In response, Andrew finally reveals the truth to Lola: when she came home from the sleepover, she had become a vampire and killed their parents in a feral, hunger-induced rage. Unwilling to kill his sister and become the last living member of the family, Andrew and Lola end up working together to solve their problem in a much more morbid manner. Discovering that Grace is actually the vampire that turned Lola, Andrew decides to go after her instead. Lola, in exchange, turns Andrew into a vampire as to give him a boost in strength. The next day, Lola visits Ms. Porter, who tells her that Grace has gone missing. When Ms. Porter vows to find out what happened, Lola takes the opportunity to lead Andrew in killing her.

Also starring Jerri Tubbs.
104"Pipe Screams"Joe LynchDaniel KrausApril 21, 2021 (2021-04-21)
"Within the Walls of Madness"John HarrisonJohn Esposito, Greg NicoteroApril 21, 2021 (2021-04-21)

Pipe Screams: Victoria Smoot (Barbara Crampton), an arrogant, heartless, and blatantly racist slumlord, hires down-on-his-luck plumber Linus Carruthers (Eric Edelstein) to inspect the plumbing of the most derelict building she owns after receiving numerous complaints. When Linus discovers that her building has lead pipes despite the fact that children live in it, Linus tells Victoria that he can't fix lead pipes and needs to report the health violation to city hall, but she still forces him to work on finding the root of the problem under the threat of having his business shut down. Desperately needing financial support to repair the damage his deceased brother has done to the plumbing business, Linus is forced to agree to her terms. After doing some digging, Linus discovers that the source of the problem is a drain clog (named by the Creepshow comic issue of this episode as "Cloggy")that is not only sentient, but is also incredibly fast and has an appetite for human flesh. When one of the tenants, Janet (Selena Anduze), finds out about Cloggy, she and Linus round up the other tenants and plan to utilize it against Victoria, who they have determined is the real problem with the building. Linus and the tenants, armed with Linus' tools, confront Victoria, leading her to stand over a storm drain. Cloggy's tentacles wrap around her leg and drag her down the drain, devouring her alive. Sometime later, Janet's daughter Leila places a bowl of food and a drawing near the open pipe where Cloggy lives, implying that she has befriended the creature.

Within the Walls of Madness: Graduate student Zeller (Drew Matthews), currently incarcerated in a detention hall, describes to his appointed attorney Tara Cartwright (Brittany L. Smith) the set of circumstances that led to his arrest. Zeller had recently worked at "Install-511", a government research facility in Antarctica that studied paranormal phenomena for the military. During a containment breach, he had witnessed a massive, tentacled monster emerge from a portal in the wall and kill his fellow graduate student Mallory (Brooke Butler). After being accused of killing Mallory himself, Zeller discovered that his superior Dr. Trollenberg (Denise Crosby) had been intentionally framing him for the murder as part of a plot to summon "The Old Ones", a race of ancient, primordial, god-like entities, to the Earth so they could reclaim it, having discovered a strange, bone-like instrument that plays a frequency that opens interdimensional portals on an expedition, then gazing into one of said portals, going insane, and submitting to their power. Zeller was forced to kill her when she attempts to summon the Old Ones once again, but Tara does not believe one word of the story, only seeking to get the publishing rights for it and become famous. On the day of his execution, Zeller is allowed to play the instrument Trollenberg found as a last request, proving that he was right about his claim as an Old One emerges and kills all those in attendance including Tara. The story ends as Zeller warns the viewing audience that Old Ones "come in through the walls!", laughing maniacally.

Also starring Nicholas Logan and Leonard R. Butler.
115"Night of the Living Late Show"Greg NicoteroDana GouldApril 28, 2021 (2021-04-28)
Simon Sherman (Justin Long), an inventor in an unstable with his wealthy wife Renee (D'Arcy Carden), invents the Immersopod, a unique virtual reality machine outfitted with hundreds of cameras that acts as a home theater, allowing people to immerse themselves into and interact with the setting, plot, and characters of any movie they want. He uses the Immersopod to escape his rocky marriage by regularly inserting himself into his favorite movie, Horror Express, where he giddily interacts with the film's characters Alexander Saxton and Dr. Wells (Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in archive footage) and begins an affair with the attractive Countess Petrovski (Hannah Fierman), who he's had a crush on ever since he was a child. When Renee eventually discovers that Simon has been using the pod to ignore her and ultimately become unfaithful to her, Renee enters the movie and confronts the Countess about it. When she gets attacked by the film's alien antagonist while trying to report her affair to the Count (George Rigaud in archive footage), Renee discovers that the injuries she sustained in the film have carried over into reality. Utilizing this fact by Simon's next use of the Immersopod after offering him coffee, Renee gets her revenge by switching Horror Express to Night of the Living Dead. She also uses a pair of pruning shears to cut off Simon's thumb and ignores his pleas to turn off the Immersopod, leaving him unable to exit the simulation as the film's zombies devour him.



In July 2018, the Creepshow television series was announced, with Greg Nicotero listed as a producer and streaming service Shudder as the distributor.[8]

As in the original Creepshow and in contrast to the sequel, The Creep is a full-bodied puppet that delivers gags (mostly featured in the cold openings of each episode) through nonverbal cues or laughter.


On January 16, 2019, it was announced that one of the segments of the pilot episode will be based on Stephen King's short story, "Survivor Type" from his 1985 collection Skeleton Crew; however, that story was ultimately not used for the first season and was instead part of the animated Halloween special that aired in 2020.[9]

As with the feature films, the series will draw from short story fiction. Subsequently, the following were also announced as the basis for stories:[1]

Original stories announced include:[1]


In April 2019, cast members announced included Adrienne Barbeau, Giancarlo Esposito, and Tobin Bell.[10] Subsequent announced cast members included David Arquette, Tricia Helfer, and Dana Gould.[1] On June 20, 2019, Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Davison, DJ Qualls, Big Boi, and Kid Cudi were announced as additional cast members.[11]

In September 2020, Anna Camp, Adam Pally, Josh McDermitt, Keith David, and Ashley Laurence were cast for the second season.[12] Later in October 2020, Marilyn Manson, Ali Larter, Iman Benson, Ryan Kwanten, Barbara Crampton, C. Thomas Howell, Denise Crosby, Breckin Meyer, Ted Raimi, Kevin Dillon and Eric Edelstein were cast.[13] On February 1, 2021, It was announced that Manson's episode would not air due to multiple abuse allegations.[14][15] and that an episode starring Molly Ringwald would air instead.[16]

In March 2021 it was announced that Justin Long and D'Arcy Carden would be starring in an episode.[17]

Season 3 cast members include King Bach, Ethan Embry, Michael Rooker, James Remar, Reid Scott and Johnathon Schaech.[18][19]


Unlike the film entries, the Creepshow series will feature several directors instead of one director. Announced segment directors include David Bruckner, Roxanne Benjamin, Rob Schrab, John Harrison, Greg Nicotero, and Tom Savini;[1] the latter three having worked on the first two Creepshow features.


Principal photography for the series began in February 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. Season 2 began filming in September 2020; it was supposed to begin in March 2020, but was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[20][21][22]


The series premiered on Shudder September 26, 2019.[1][2]

Critical reception

The series received acclaim from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds an approval rating of 97% based on 29 reviews with an average rating of 7.7/10. The critical consensus reads: "Delightfully eerie, Creepshow captures the spirit of the original while forging its own spooky path."[23] On Metacritic, the series has a weighted average score of 64 out of 100, based on 5 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[24]

Tie-in novels

Scholastic Books released a book entitled Creepshow: The Taker, featuring two novellas inspired by the TV series. They were written by Elley Cooper.[25] A followup installment will be released on April 28, 2021 entitled Creepshow: The Cursed, also written by Elley Cooper.[26]

Halloween Horror Nights

On August 3, 2019, Universal Parks & Resorts announced that Creepshow would be coming to Halloween Horror Nights exclusively at its Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. The maze featured three segments from the 1982 film ("Father's Day", "The Crate", and "They're Creeping Up on You") as well as two others from the newly made web television version for Shudder ("Gray Matter" and "Bad Wolf Down").[27]


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