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RegionCremasque Territory
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ISO 639-3
Cities in which Cremish is spoken

Cremish or Cremasque, (Cremish Lombard: cremàsch) is an Eastern Lombard dialect spoken in the Cremasque Territory of the Province of Cremona, where Cremonese is spoken in the rest of the land except for Soresina and the aforementioned land.[2] The dialect is slowly dying, as younger people don't use it as much anymore.[3]


Cremish is an Eastern Lombard dialect belonging to the Gallo-Italic branch of the Romance languages. It is more closely related to the Langues d'oïl, Occitan, Catalan, the Rhaeto-Romance languages, and the Iberian Romance languages, than Italian. It is similar to the dialects of Bergamo (Bergamasque) and Brescia (Brescian).[4]


The dialect is mostly spoken in the Cremasque Territory, which is the area adjacent to Crema and surroundings. It extends from the area of Rivolta d'Adda to Gombito and Castelleone.


The dialect is traditionally written in the Classical Cremish Orthography, which is shown in Bonifacio Samarani's book Vocabulario cremasco-italiano.


The following are rules in the Classical Cremish Orthography.


The Cremish dialect began thriving in literature in the 18th century.[5] A notable poet that wrote in the dialect was Federico Pesadori,[6] who wrote works such as A Crèma, Ai casòt d'ingürie, and L'ucarina.



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