Editor in ChiefPierre Huet
CategoriesComics, Humour
PublisherÉditions Ludcom
FounderJacques Hurtubise
First issueOctober 1979
Final issueApril 1995
Based inMontreal

Croc was a French-language humour magazine published monthly in Montreal, Quebec, Canada from 1979 until 1995.[1]

Publication history

Croc ("Fang" in French)[2] was begun in October 1979 by Jacques Hurtubise, Hélène Fleury, and Roch Côté, with the help of an $80,000 grant from the ministère des Affaires culturelles du Québec ("Québec Ministry of Cultural Affairs"[3]).[4] It printed the work of many leading cartoonists of the era, many of whom were able to launch their careers through the magazine's help,[5] including animator Claude Cloutier.[6]

Croc begat another magazine, Titanic, dedicated entirely to comics.[4] Croc's publishers briefly distributed a localised edition of MAD magazine from 1991 to 1992, which adapted and translated existing MAD articles by replacing New York City references with Montreal ones.

For a number of reasons, Croc ceased publication in April 1995[1] after 189 issues.

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