Curzon Cinemas Limited
IndustryLeisure, Entertainment & refreshments
Number of locations
17 cinemas
ProductsTickets, popcorn, alcohol, drinks & confectionery
ParentCurzon (Cohen Media Group)[1]

Curzon Cinemas (/ˈkɜːrzən/)[2][3] are a chain of cinemas based in the United Kingdom, mostly in London, specialising in art house films. They also have a video on demand service, Curzon Home Cinema.


Curzon Cinemas were established in 1934 when Harold Wingate, who imported unknown films during the post World War I period, opened the first cinema in Mayfair. The second location, Curzon Bloomsbury, opened in 1972. In 1976 Curzon Artificial Eye, the film distribution company was launched.

On 23 December 2019, American-based Cohen Media Group acquired Curzon Cinemas, including Curzon Artificial Eye.[1]

In March 2020, Curzon Cinemas and all other public cinemas in the UK closed until summer 2020 due to a national lockdown in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.[4]


The Renoir, Bloomsbury

Curzon Cinemas currently have 17 cinema complexes throughout the United Kingdom.[5]

Location Screens Notes
Aldgate 4 Opened January 2017
Bloomsbury 6 "The Renoir" Acquired March 2015[6]
Camden 5 Opened 29 October 2021
Canterbury Riverside 5 Opened 26 August 2022
Canterbury Westgate 3
Colchester 3 Opened 6 July 2018
Hoxton 3 Opened 4 June 2021
Kingston 4 Opened 11 November 2022
Knutsford 3
Mayfair 2 First Curzon from 1934
Oxford 5 Opened Autumn 2017
Richmond 1
Ripon 2 Opened Autumn 2013
Sheffield 3 Opened 9 January 2015
Soho 3
Victoria 5 Opened May 2014
Wimbledon 3 Previously "hmvcurzon"

Franchised locations

Curzon Cinemas have also franchised their name and operate in partnership with a number of other locations.[7]

Location Partner's name Number of screens Notes
South Bank Curzon Sea Containers 1 Previously Curzon Mondrian, renamed in January 2019 in line with rebrand of Sea Containers Hotel[8][9]

Future locations

Curzon intends to reopen its Chelsea cinema (which was closed in May 2018) in 2023 after the site is redeveloped by Cadogan Estates.[10]

Related companies

Curzon Film is a sister company of Curzon Cinemas.[11] They cover acquisition, production and distribution rights to films across the UK and Ireland.

Curzon Home Cinema,[7] a video on demand service.


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