The DC Comics Classics Library was a line of hardcover comic book collections, collecting older DC Comics storylines in a standardized reprint format along a similar direction as Marvel Comics' Marvel Premiere Classic hardcover comic book collection line, which started in 2006. Nine volumes were released between 2009 and 2010 (a 10th volume was announced, but never published due to its cancellation),[1] after which the line was cancelled. No further volumes were published after that (and none have been published to this day).


# Volume characters Volume title Creators Material collected Publication date ISBN
1 Superman Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore Dennis O'Neil,
Curt Swan
Superman #233-238 and 240-242 2009/01/28 978-1401220853
2 The Legion of Super-Heroes The Legion of Super-Heroes: The Life and Death of Ferro Lad Jim Shooter,
Curt Swan, et al.
Adventure Comics #346-347, 352-353 and 357 2009/02/18 978-1401221935
3 Batman The Batman Annuals Volume 1 Bill Finger,
Edmond Hamilton,
Dick Sprang, et al.
Batman Annual #1-3 2009/04/22 978-1401221928
4 The Swamp Thing Roots of the Swamp Thing Len Wein,
Bernie Wrightson,
Nestor Redondo
The House of Secrets #92 and
Swamp Thing #1-13
2009/05/27 978-1401222369
5 The Flash The Flash of Two Worlds[2] Gardner Fox,
Carmine Infantino,
John Broome
The Flash (vol. 2) #123, 129, 137, 151, 170 and 173 2009/07/29 978-1401222987
6 The Justice League of America Justice League of America by George Pérez Volume 1 Gerry Conway,
George Pérez
Justice League of America #184-186 and 192-194 2009/08/26 978-1401223212
7 Batman Batman: A Death in the Family[3] Jim Starlin,
Marv Wolfman,
George Pérez, et al.
Batman #426-429 and 440-442 and
The New Teen Titans (vol. 2) #60-61
2009/09/23 978-1401225162
8 The Justice League of America Justice League of America by George Pérez Volume 2 Gerry Conway,
George Pérez, et al.
Justice League of America #195-197 and 200 2010/04/13 978-1401224509
9 Batman The Batman Annuals Volume 2 Bill Finger Batman Annual #4-7 2010/08/10 978-1401227913
10 Shazam! Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil[4] Otto Binder,
C. C. Beck
Captain Marvel stories from Captain Marvel Adventures #22-46 publication cancelled n/a


In 2011, trade paperbacks were released for both the Roots of the Swamp Thing volume (with the same cover design as the hardcover version) and the Batman: A Death in the Family volume (with a new cover design that was different from the hardcover version) with both of them no longer bearing the DC Comics Classics Library name.

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  2. ^ Collects the stories that introduced the concept of the DC Multiverse (i.e., Earth-Two) to the DC Universe. These stories saw the Silver Age Flash (Barry Allen) meet the Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick).
  3. ^ Collects the stories of the death of Robin II (Jason Todd).
  4. ^ Would have replaced the out-of-print American Nostalgia Co./Hawk Books deluxe book collection from 1989.