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DRG Class 89.0
89 008 in Schwerin
Number(s)DRG 89 001–010
Year(s) of manufacture
  • 1934 (6 units)
  • 1937 (4 units)
Wheel arrangement0-6-0T
Axle arrangement
  • C n2t (001–003)
  • C h2t (004–010)
TypeGt 33.15
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in)
Length over buffers9,600 mm (31 ft 6 in)
Service weight46.6 tonnes (45.9 long tons; 51.4 short tons)
Adhesive weight46.6 tonnes (45.9 long tons; 51.4 short tons)
Axle load15.6 tonnes (15.4 long tons; 17.2 short tons)
Top speed60 km/h (37 mph)
Indicated Power
  • Saturated: 235 kW (320 PS; 315 hp)
  • Superheated: 385 kW (523 PS; 516 hp)
Driving wheel diameter1,100 mm (43+14 in)
No. of cylindersTwo, outside
Cylinder bore420 mm (16+916 in)
Piston stroke550 mm (21+58 in)
Boiler Overpressure14 bar (1.40 MPa; 203 psi)
Grate area1.42 m2 (15.3 sq ft)
Superheater area24.10 m2 (259.4 sq ft)
Evaporative heating area67.86 m2 (730.4 sq ft)
Water capacity
  • Saturated: 4,500 litres (990 imp gal; 1,200 US gal)
  • Superheated: 4,800 litres (1,100 imp gal; 1,300 US gal)
Fuel2.6 tonnes (2.6 long tons; 2.9 short tons) coal
BrakesKnorr automatic, single-chamber, compressed-air brakes
Parking brakeCounterweight brake

The DRG Class 89.0 was a goods train tank engine of standard design (see Einheitsdampflokomotive) built for the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DRG).


It was the smallest standard locomotive in service with the Reichsbahn. Whilst numbers 89 001 - 89 003 were supplied as saturated steam engines, the remaining seven were superheated locomotives. After the Second World War half the machines went to the Polish State Railway (PKP) and half to the East German Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR). The last engine 89 008 was taken out of service in 1968 at Dresden-Altstadt locomotive depot (Bahnbetriebswerk or Bw) and remains preserved in the Dresden Transport Museum as a heritage locomotive. Since 1992 the engine has been in the ownership of the Mecklenburg Railway Friends (Mecklenburgischen Eisenbahnfreunde) in Schwerin.

Although this engine was never in service with the Deutsche Bundesbahn, it is in the DB's transport directory.

Model railway

A Z scale model of the Class 89.0 locomotive has been used as the symbol for this model track gauge.

There has also been a model by the firm of Märklin for decades in H0 scale. The DB variant of this model has no real prototype, however, because this engine was never in the DB's fleet.

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