DWSIM running on macOS
Developer(s)Daniel Medeiros
Initial releaseJuly 9, 2008; 13 years ago (2008-07-09)
Stable release
6.5.3 (Windows/Linux/macOS) / June 1, 2021; 7 months ago (2021-06-01)[1]

3.3.11 (iOS) / January 19, 2021; 11 months ago (2021-01-19)[2]

3.3.13 (Android) / May 11, 2021; 7 months ago (2021-05-11)[3]

Repositorygithub.com/DanWBR/dwsim6 sourceforge.net/projects/dwsim/
Written inVisual Basic .NET, C#
Operating systemWindows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS
Platform.NET, Mono
Available inEnglish, Brazilian Portuguese
TypeChemical process modeling
LicenseGNU General Public License/GNU Lesser General Public License (Windows/Linux/macOS), Freemium (Android/iOS)

DWSIM is an open-source CAPE-OPEN compliant chemical process simulator for Windows, Linux and macOS. DWSIM is built on top of the Microsoft .NET and Mono Platforms and features a Graphical User Interface (GUI), advanced thermodynamics calculations, reactions support and petroleum characterization / hypothetical component generation tools.

DWSIM is able to simulate steady-state, vapor–liquid, vapor–liquid-liquid, solid–liquid and aqueous electrolyte equilibrium processes with the following Thermodynamic Models and Unit Operations:

Android and iOS versions

DWSIM is also available on Android and iOS mobile operating systems, where it is free to download. On these platforms, DWSIM includes a basic set of features while more advanced modules can be unlocked through in-app purchases.[4]

Raspberry Pi version

A special DWSIM build is available for Raspberry Pi 2/3 devices running an armhf-based Linux distribution like Raspbian and Ubuntu MATE.[5]

Standalone Thermodynamics Library

DWSIM's Property and Equilibrium calculation routines are also available as a standalone, 100% managed .NET Dynamic Link Library (DLL).[6] It can be linked against free and proprietary applications (LGPL v3 license).

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