Damajadasri III
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Damajadasri III as portrayed in his coin. His name appears at the top of the reverse
SuccessorRudrasena II

Damajadasri III (Brahmi

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)[1] was a ruler of the Western Satraps. His reign lasted possibly[2] from c. 251 AD to 256 AD.[3][4]


Damajadasri was one of the four sons of Damasena. Damajadasri was the youngest of his siblings. He succeeded his elder brother Vijayasena as a ruler.[3]

He most likely held the title of mahaksatrapa. There is no evidence that he would have held the office of ksatrapa.[5]

Large amounts of coins struck in name of Damajadasri have been found.[5]

Damajadasri was succeeded as Western Satrap by his nephew Rudrasena II who was a son of Viradaman.[2]


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Preceded byVijayasena Western Satrap 251–256 Succeeded byRudrasena II