Daniel Roy Parsons is Professor of Process Sedimentology at the University of Hull.[1] He is also a visiting professor at the University of Illinois and University of Leeds.[2] He obtained his PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2004.[3] Parsons is known for his work on flow processes and sediment transport in rivers, coasts and estuaries, including flood hazard and risk, as well as work detailing turbidity currents in the deep sea. Parsons holds a European Research Council Consolidator Award and is also a Division President of the European Geosciences Union.[4] Parsons also researches the leakage and transport of plastics in rivers, coasts and estuaries and as part of the Huxley debate at the 2018 British Science Festival he claimed that the most significant marker for the Anthropocene age may be the fossilisation of plastic debris such as formed in plastiglomerate.[5]


Selected publications


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