Dawn of DC
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
Publication dateJanuary 24, 2023
Main character(s)DC Universe
Creative team
Written byVarious

Dawn of DC is a 2023 publishing initiative by the American comic book publisher DC Comics of its entire line of ongoing monthly superhero comic book titles. Following the events of the 2022 crossover events Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths and Lazarus Planet, DC Comics kicks off a yearlong initiative that showcases the company's greatest characters and all-star creative teams; as well as to "forge the future, one hero at a time".[1] The initiative succeeds the Infinite Frontier line.

Publication history

DC Comics first announced the launch of the Dawn Of DC in November 2022. DC Publisher & Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee described that the "Dawn of DC is one of our most ambitious initiatives ever and is a chance for us to tell bigger and bolder stories across our line".[1]

Unlike The New 52 or DC Rebirth where all titles were relaunched with new number one issues being released in a short period, the Dawn Of DC instead is a yearlong story telling initiative where there is a slow roll out new titles releasing throughout the year. Other books from prior to Dawn of DC, such as the Justice Society of America book that is being written by Geoff Johns as a part of The New Golden Age, will converge to the initiative.[2] Action Comics by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Batman by Chip Zdarsky, Catwoman by Tini Howard, Nightwing by Tom Taylor and Harley Quinn by Tini Howard are books which started prior to the Dawn of DC and are now of this initiative.[3]

The first issue to be released under the Dawn of DC banner was Action Comics #1051 on January 24, 2023, with various others following suit thereafter.

The tone for many of the books in the Dawn of DC was inspired by Mark Waid and Dan Mora's Batman/Superman: World's Finest, along with Tom Taylor's Nightwing series. Along with the tone, the series are going to be more interconnected and intertwined with one another, helping to enhance the shared universe.[4] What happens in one series is directly going to effect another. Tom King commented that "Superman is going to have an impact on Wonder Woman, and what happens in Batman is going to impact Superman. The world is cohesive, not separated".

In May 2023, the ongoing series Batman, celebrated its #900th issue along with that being the first Batman title to be labeled in the Dawn of DC, whilst the previous arcs were set after the events of Dark Crisis.[5] The next issue went back to its previous numbering with #136 but was the first DC title to include legacy numbering continuing with #901. In June 2023, both Wonder Woman and The Flash celebrated their 800th issue along with that marking their first series in the Dawn of DC. Following issues #800 both series will be relaunched in September, starting from issue #1 with new creative teams.

Throughout July and August 2023, the Knight Terrors event – headed by Joshua Williamson with multiple tie-in mini-series by various creative teams – took over the publishing line.[6][7]

After the end of Knight Terrors, DC Comics will publish a Batman and Catwoman crossover, titled Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War, headlined by Chip Zdarsky and Tini Howard. This crossover takes place within the main Batman and Catwoman series, with their respective artists drawing these issues. Additionally, a Red Hood-centric two-issue tie-in miniseries, Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Red Hood, will be written by Matthew Rosenberg and drawn by Nikola Čižmešija. This crossover event starts in August 2023 and ends in October.[8]

In September 2023, Superman on its 7th issue of this current volume will celebrate its 850th issue in an oversized special. [9]

At the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con, DC comics announced the winter event of the year, Titans: Best World, which further cements the Titans to be Earth's protectors. The event will launch in November 2023 written Tom Taylor with art by Ivan Reis and Danny Miki. Beast World will connect to Titans and Nightwing also written by Taylor. “I’m beyond excited to bring this DC crossover event to life starting in November with our new Titans: Beast World series, featuring art by the incomparable Ivan Reis. ‘Beast World’ will also thread the needle between the current series that I’m writing about the Titans,” says Taylor. “Friends will fall. Super Heroes will rise. And nothing will ever be the same again. Earth is about to become…Beast World.” [10]

Changes to the DC Universe

With the end of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Justice League was brought back from the dead. This has now inspired Amanda Waller, now working under The Light, to take action against all metahumans, as she believes that they have become too powerful. Waller tasked Peacemaker, her new right hand, in the goal of getting the Helmet of Hate. While Peacemaker was off on his mission, Waller met up with a group of villains giving them a new task, which is to kill superheroes. A new villain, Insomnia, has appeared and put the entire world under sleep inducing them to nightmeares, in order to find a mysterious object, the Nightmare Stone.

Following the events of the Dark Crisis, the Justice League, as a team, has gone onto a long term hiatus with the Titans, led by Nightwing, becoming the DC universe's premier superhero team.[11] The Titans are now located in Blüdhaven with their new Titans Tower being rebuilt over an old prison, which was destroyed following a prison breakout, lead by the villain Heartless.[12] The villain Brother Blood has now changed public perception for himself and his cult, The Church of Blood now rebranded as The Church of Eternity. And is promoting this new change with the support of Teen Titans member Garth/Tempest. Garth rejected the offer to join this new Titans team in support of another who has the ability to someone "who can make a real difference". [13]

Following the events of Dark Crisis, The Warworld Saga, Lazarus Planet and Action Comics #1050, a major change in the status quo occurred for the Superfamily. This includes the expansion of the Superman family and mythos with the addition of the Super Twins, Osul and Otho-Ra; Jon Kent now has new powers which mirror those of the Electric Blue Superman from the 1990s; and Lex Luthor has made the world forget Clark and Jon are Superman, courtesy of Manchester Black's abilities.[14] Luthor is now in prison following the events of Action Comics #1050 and has handed over the reins of LexCorp to Superman, with the company being renamed to Supercorp and having a new goal of helping Superman. Lois Lane also serves as the current editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, with Perry White being on a sabbatical.[15] Steelworks was founded by John Henry Irons / Steel to bring forth Metropolis into becoming the City of Tomorrow.[16] Power Girl gained the abilities of telepathy due to the Lazarus Storm, and now goes by the name Paige.[17] Jimmy Olsen now has a new love interest in the form of ex-supervillain Silver Banshee who has damaged Superman's hearing so he no longer has superhearing, having done so after being threatened by a new group of evil mad scientist supervillains.[18] These scientists have been physically changing Supermans rogues making them more deadly and powerfull.

Following the events of Lazarus Planet, the Doom Patrol, lead by the Chief, a new personality of Crazy Jane, have a new mission statement: with a rise in the metahuman population, their goal is to help, protect and offer safe haven, for the world's metahumans.[19] Along with a new mission, the Doom Patrol have a new base named The Shelter, based out of an old missile silo, to provide shelter to new metahumans and place to where they can better improve their abilities.[20]

During the Dark Crisis, the superhero Oliver Queen / Green Arrow disappeared and did not return with the rest of the Justice League. This disappearance is investigated by the other members of the Arrow Family including Dinah Lance / Black Canary, Roy Harper / Arsenal and Connor Hawke / Green Arrow.[21] Lian Harper, who died in the 2009 story Cry for Justice, is now back alive and well, reunited with her father, Roy Harper, and has rejoined the Arrow family.[22] Connor Hawk ends up travelling to the future leading to the first appearance of the Legion Of Superheroes in the Dawn of DC.[23] For some unknown reason, the Green Arrow family can no longer be reunited in its entirety for in the future they caused a "Great Disaster".

Following Lazarus Planet, magic in the DC Universe now works differently causing Billy Batson to use a new name, The Captain, as whenever he says "Shazam!", it triggers his transformation to occur.[24] Other than Mary Marvel, the rest of the Shazam Family no longer has powers.[25] Through the powers of Hippolyta, the meaning of "Shazam!" for Mary Marvel stands for new deities; Selene, Hippolyta, Artemis, Zephyrus, Aurora and Minerva,[26] and seems that her power set is still the exact same, even with this new change.

The Guardians of the Universe have mysteriously disappeared, and in their place the United Planets have taken control of the Green Lantern Corps. They have stated that Sector 2814 (Earth) is a liability to the universe and have reassigned all Green Lanterns to other sectors across the universe. Furious at this change, Hal Jordan quit the Green Lantern Corps and returned to Earth.[27] Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan's long time romantic interest has moved on from Hal and now has a new fiance. John Stewart has retired from the Green Lantern Corps and now lives on Earth with his mother.


Ongoing series

Title Issues Initial creative teams (excluding back-ups)[a] Debut date Conclusion Date
Writer(s) Artist(s) Colorist(s)
Action Comics #1051– Phillip Kennedy Johnson Rafa Sandoval Matt Herms January 24, 2023[28] TBA
Catwoman (vol. 5)[b] #52– Tini Howard Sami Basri Veronic Gandini February 21, 2023[29][30]
Superman (vol. 6) #1– Joshua Williamson Jamal Campbell
Nightwing (vol. 4)[c] #102– Tom Taylor Travis Moore Adriano Lucas March 21, 2023[31]
Harley Quinn (vol. 4) #28– Tini Howard Sweeny Boo March 28, 2023[32]
Batman (vol. 3)[d] #135– Chip Zdarsky Jorge Jimenez Tomeu Morey May 2, 2023[33][34]
Shazam! (vol. 5) #1– Mark Waid Dan Mora Alejandro Sánchez
Green Lantern (vol. 7) Jeremy Adams Xermánico Romulo Fajardo Jr. May 9, 2023[35]
Titans (vol. 4) Tom Taylor Nicola Scott Annette Kwok May 16, 2023[36]
Batman: The Brave and the Bold[e] Various May 16, 2023[36]
Poison Ivy #13– G. Willow Wilson Marcio Takara Arif Prianto June 6, 2023[37]
The Penguin #1– Tom King Rafael de Latorre Marcelo Maiolo August 22, 2023[38]
Birds of Prey (vol. 4) Kelly Thompson Leonardo Romero Jordie Bellaire September 5, 2023[39][40]
Blue Beetle (vol. 5) Josh Trujillo Adrian Gutiérrez Wil Quintana
Batman and Robin (vol. 3) Joshua Williamson Simone di Meo September 12, 2023[2]
Green Lantern: War Journal Philip Kennedy Johnson Osvaldo Montos Adriana Lucas September 19, 2023[41][42]
Wonder Woman (vol. 6) Tom King Daniel Sampere Tomeu Morey
The Flash (vol. 6) Simon Spurrier Mike Deodato, Jr. Trish Mulvihill September 26, 2023[42][43]
Power Girl (vol. 3) Leah Williams Eduardo Pansica TBA

Limited series

Title Issues Creative teams (excluding back ups) Debut date Conclusion date
Writer(s) Artist(s) Colorist(s)
Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1–6 Tom Taylor Clayton Henry
Darick Robertson
Jordie Bellaire March 7, 2023[44] August 1, 2023[45]
Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1–7 Dennis Culver Chris Burnham
David Lafuente
Brian Reber March 28, 2023[46] October 24, 2023[47]
Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #1–6 Kenny Porter Jahnoy Lindsay April 18, 2023[48] September 19, 2023[49]
Green Arrow (vol. 7) #1–12 Joshua Williamson Sean Izaakse Romulo Fajardo Jr. April 25, 2023[50] TBA
Spirit World[f] #1–6 Alyssa Wong Haining May 9, 2023[51] October 31, 2023[52]
Cyborg Morgan Hampton Tom Raney Michael Atiyeh May 16, 2023[36] TBA
The Vigil[f] Ram V Lalit Kumar Sharma Rain Beredo October 17, 2023[53]
City Boy[f] Greg Pak Minkyu Jung Sunny Gho May 23, 2023[36] November 7, 2023[54]
Steelworks Michael Dorn Sami Basri Andrew Dalhouse June 6, 2023[42] TBA
Hawkgirl (vol. 2) Jadzia Axelrod Amancay Nahuelpan Adriano Lucas July 18, 2023[42][55]
Tales of the Titans[g] #1–4 Various October 24, 2023[56]
Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville #1–6 Joanne Starer Natacha Bustos Tamra Bonvillain September 5, 2023[57] TBA
Wesley Dodds: The Sandman[h] Robert Venditti Riley Rossmo TBA October 10, 2023[58]
Jay Garrick: The Flash[h] Jeremy Adams Diego Olortegui October 17, 2023[58]
Alan Scott: The Green Lantern[h] Tim Sheridan Cian Tormey October 24, 2023[58][59]
Amazons Attack Josie Campbell Vasco Georgiev
Outsiders (vol. 5) #1–12 Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing Robert Casey November 14, 2023[60]
Speed Force TBA Jarrett Williams Daniele Di Nicuolo November 2023[61]


Title Creative team Release date
Writer Artist(s) Colorist(s)
Dawn of DC We Are Legends Special Edition #1 Greg Pak
Ram V
Alyssa Wong
Minkyu Jung
Lalit Kumar Sharma
Sunny Gho
Romulo Fajardo Jr.
May 2, 2023[62]
Dawn of DC Knight Terrors Free Comic Book Day Special Edition #1 Joshua Williamson Chris Bachalo
Howard Porter
Chris Bachalo
Brad Anderson
May 6, 2023[63]
The Dawn of DC Primer #1 Leandro Fernandez Daniela Miwa May 16, 2023[42]
Power Girl Special #1 Leah Williams Marguerite Sauvage May 30, 2023[36]
Supergirl Special #1 Mariko Tamaki Skylar Patridge TBA October 31, 2023[64]


Title Issues Creative team Debut date Conclusion date
Writer(s) Artist(s) Colorist(s)
Knight Terrors
Knight Terrors: First Blood #1[i] #1 Joshua Williamson Howard Porter Brad Anderson July 4, 2023[7]
Knight Terrors: Batman #1–2 Guillem March Tomeu Morey July 4, 2023[65] August 1, 2023
Knight Terrors: Black Adam Jeremy Haun Nick Filardi
Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy G. Willow Wilson Atagun Ilhan Arif Prianto
Knight Terrors: Ravager Ed Brisson Dexter Soy Veronica Gandini
Knight Terrors: The Joker Matthew Rosenberg Stefano Raffaele Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Knight Terrors[i] #1–4 Joshua Williamson Giuseppe Camuncoli
Stefano Nesi
Caspar Wijngaard
Tomeu Morey July 11, 2023[65] August 22, 2023
Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #1–2 Jeremy Adams Eduardo Pansica Luis Guerrero August 8, 2023
Knight Terrors: Robin Kenny Porter Miguel Mendonça Adriano Lucas
Knight Terrors: Shazam Mark Waid Roger Cruz Arif Prianto
Knight Terrors: The Flash Alex Paknadel Daniel Bayliss Igor Monti
Knight Terrors: Zatanna Dennis Culver David Baldeon Rain Beredo
Knight Terrors: Catwoman Tini Howard Leila Leiz Marissa Louise July 18, 2023[65] August 15, 2023
Knight Terrors: Nightwing Becky Cloonan
Michael W. Conrad
Daniele Di Nicuolo Adriano Lucas
Knight Terrors: Punchline Danny Lore Lucas Meyer Alex Guimarães
Knight Terrors: Superman Joshua Williamson Tom Reilly Nathan Fairbairn
Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman Josie Campbell Juan Ferreyra
Knight Terrors: Action Comics Phillip Kennedy Johnson & Leah Williams Vasco Georgiev & Mico Suayan TBA July 25, 2023[65] August 22, 2023
Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker Tim Seeley Acky Bright
Knight Terrors: Detective Comics Dan Watters Riccardo Federici
Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn Tini Howard Hayden Sherman
Knight Terrors: Titans Andrew Constant Scott Godlewski
Knight Terrors: Night's End #1[i] #1 Joshua Williamson Howard Porter August 29, 2023[7]
Batman/Catwoman: Gotham War
Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War – Battle Lines #1 Chip Zdarsky
Tini Howard
Mike Hawthorne
Adriano Di Benedetto
Tomeu Morey August 29, 2023[66]
Batman (vol. 3) #137–138 Chip Zdarsky Jorge Jimenez September 5, 2023[66] October 3, 2023[66]
Catwoman (vol. 5) #57–58 Tini Howard Nico Leon Veronica Gandini September 19, 2023[66] October 17, 2023[66]
Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Red Hood #1–2 Matthew Rosenberg Nikola Čižmešija TBA September 26, 2023[66] October 24, 2023[66]
Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War – Scorched Earth #1 Chip Zdarsky
Tini Howard
Mike Hawthorne
Adriano Di Benedetto
October 31, 2023[66]
Beast World
Tale of the Titans #4 Andrew Constant Brandt & Stein TBA October 24, 2023[67]
Titans Beast World: Evolution #1 Marv Wolfman
Bob Haney
Leah Williams
George Pérez
Bill Molno
Marguerite Sauvage
November 21, 2023[68]
Titans: Beast World #1–6 Tom Taylor Ivan Reis November 7, 2023[67] January 2024
Titans (vol. 4) #6–7 Nicola Scott December 2023 January 2024
Titans: Beast World: Waller Rising #1 Chuck Brown Keron Grant December 5, 2023[68]
Titans: Beast World Tour: Metropolis Nicole Maines
Joshua Williamson
Zipporah Smith
Dan Jurgens
Max Raynor
Anthony Marques
Edwin Galmon
Titans: Beast World Tour: Gotham TBA December 2023[68]
Titans: Beast World Tour: Central City December 2023[68]
Titans: Beast World Tour: Atlantis January 2023[68]
Titans: Beast World Tour: Star City January 2023[68]

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