Daydream Solar Farm
  • Australia
Coordinates20°29′41″S 147°44′49″E / 20.494622°S 147.746973°E / -20.494622; 147.746973Coordinates: 20°29′41″S 147°44′49″E / 20.494622°S 147.746973°E / -20.494622; 147.746973
Commission date
  • August 2018
Solar farm
Solar tracker
Power generation
Nameplate capacity
  • 150 MW
  • 180 MW
Annual net output
  • 398,000 MW h

Daydream Solar Farm is a photovoltaic power station developed by Edify Energy near Collinsville in Queensland, Australia. It uses a single-axis tracking system to follow the sun across the sky. It generates up to 180MW DC[1] and 150MW AC.

Powerlink upgraded its transmission network to connect the Hayman and Daydream solar farms to the grid.[2]

Daydream has a 12-year power purchase agreement to provide electricity to Origin Energy.[3]


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