Deadly Class
Cover art for Deadly Class #1. Art by Wes Craig.
Publication information
PublisherImage Comics
FormatOngoing series
Period drama
Teen drama
Publication dateJanuary 22, 2014 – present
No. of issues44
Creative team
Created byRick Remender
Written byRick Remender
Artist(s)Wes Craig
Letterer(s)Rus Wooton
Colorist(s)Lee Loughridge (#1-14; 45-present)
Jordan Boyd (#15-44)
Editor(s)Sebastian Girner (#1-37)
Briah Skelly (#38-41)
Will Dennis (#42-present)
Collected editions
SC Vol. 1ISBN 978-1632150035
SC Vol. 2ISBN 978-1632152220
SC Vol. 3ISBN 978-1632154767
SC Vol. 4ISBN 978-1632157188
SC Vol. 5ISBN 978-1534300552
SC Vol. 6ISBN 978-1534302471
SC Vol. 7ISBN 978-1534306967
SC Vol. 9ISBN 978-1534315686
HC Vol. 1ISBN 978-1632156648
HC Vol. 2ISBN 978-1534308411

Deadly Class is an action genre American comic book series written by Rick Remender, illustrated by Wes Craig, colored by Jason Wordie, and lettered by Rus Wooton. Deadly Class is set primarily in the 1980s and follows students enrolled at King's Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, a secret boarding school in San Francisco, as they train to become the next generation of top assassins for crime families across the globe.

Image Comics has published Deadly Class on a mostly monthly basis since the first issue was released on January 22, 2014.[1]


The first issues of Deadly Class focus on the story of teenage orphan Marcus Lopez Arguello as he transitions from living on the streets to being enrolled into a school of assassins. The academy, run by Master Lin, is composed of children of mob bosses and mass murderers, learning the same trade as their parents.[2]

Marcus's decision to attend the school is one of the only decisions he gets to make for himself throughout the arc and history. His entire life has been composed of unfortunate events, each leaving him further ostracized from humanity. Marcus is homeless largely because his parents died in a horrible accident when he was young, leaving him in an orphanage whose headmaster required his manual labor for him to retain residence. This continued degradation of his sanity through the abuse by the hands of his roommates and guardians eventually drives him to committing a massive act of violence.

Deadly Class then follows the students in the academy and many of their eventual downfalls.[3]


Collected editions

Trade paperbacks
Title Material collected Publication date ISBN
Deadly Class – Vol. 1: Reagan Youth Deadly Class #1–6 July 16, 2014 978-1632150035
Deadly Class – Vol. 2: Kids of the Black Hole Deadly Class #7–11 March 18, 2015 978-1632152220
Deadly Class – Vol. 3: Snake Pit Deadly Class #12–16 October 7, 2015 978-1632154767
Deadly Class – Vol. 4: Die for Me Deadly Class #17–21 August 3, 2016 978-1632157188
Deadly Class – Vol. 5: Carousel Deadly Class #22–26 March 15, 2017 978-1534300552
Deadly Class – Vol. 6: This Is Not the End Deadly Class #27–31 December 26, 2017 978-1534302471
Deadly Class – Vol. 7: Love Like Blood Deadly Class #32–35 August 28, 2018 978-1534306967
Deadly Class – Vol. 8: Never Go Back Deadly Class #36–39 July 31, 2019 978-1534310636
Deadly Class – Vol. 9: Bone Machine Deadly Class #40–44 June 17, 2020 978-1534315686
Deadly Class – Vol. 10: Save Your Generation Deadly Class #45–TBA TBA
Deluxe hardcovers
Title Material collected Additional material Publication date ISBN
Deadly Class – Book One: Noise Noise Noise Deadly Class #1–16 November 19, 2014 978-1632156648
Deadly Class – Book Two: The Funeral Party Deadly Class #17–31 October 23, 2018 978-1534308411
Deadly Class – Book Three: TBA Deadly Class #32–TBA TBA

Television adaptation

Main article: Deadly Class (TV series)

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have signed on to produce a television series based on Deadly Class. The Sony Pictures Television-produced adaptation has been optioned as a pilot for the Syfy channel.[4] Benedict Wong, Benjamin Wadsworth, Lana Condor, Michel Duval and María Gabriela de Faría are among the actors cast in main roles for the series.[5] On April 18, 2018, Syfy picked up the pilot to series.[6] The first episode aired on January 16, 2019 on SyFy. After first season ending on a cliffhanger, the second season was cancelled due to small audience and high production costs.

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