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Deconstruction Tour was a one-day punk music and skate festival that was staged in various countries across Europe. It first took place in 1999 and occurred annually until 2006. The tour was arranged by Destiny Tourbooking. In general, the tour offered the opening slot of each day to a local, often unsigned band, with the following acts increasing in notability throughout the lineup. The festival also included displays by BMX riders and skaters.

Aside from the first year, 2006 was possibly the least successful for the tour, due to problems with booking bands and the limited number of dates that were booked.[1] The tour has not gone ahead since 2006.

Previous lineups

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There was no tour in 2007, and although the organisers hoped to bring it back for 2008,[2] it appears that there will be no further Deconstruction Tours.[3]


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