Dehwa Hanina
Also calledDihba Hanina, Dihba Hnina, Dehwa Ṭurma, Dihba ḏ-Ṭirma
Observed byMandaeans
SignificanceLittle Feast celebrating Hibil Ziwa's ascent from the underworld

In the Mandaean calendar, Dehwa Hanina (Classical Mandaic: ࡃࡉࡄࡁࡀ ࡄࡍࡉࡍࡀ, romanized: Dihba Hnina) or Dehwa Ṭurma (Dihba ḏ-Ṭirma), the Little Feast, is celebrated on the 18th day of Taura, which is the 4th month of the Mandaean calendar that corresponds to the Hebrew month Iyar.[1]

Dehwa Hanina commemorates the ascension of Hibil Ziwa from the underworld (World of Darkness) to the World of Light. Mandaean families visit each other and have a special breakfast of rice, yogurt, dates, and sesame seeds.[2] Baptisms are performed, and the dead are commemorated with lofani (ritual meals). Mandaean families also clean their houses, wear new clothes, light candles, burn incense, and pray.[3]: 25 


The festival symbolizes three things:[3]: 26 

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