Delovoy Peterburg
TypeBusiness newspaper
Owner(s)Bonnier Group
PublisherBonnier Business Press
Editor-in-chiefMaxim Vasjukov
Founded1993; 27 years ago (1993)
HeadquartersSaint Petersburg
Circulation20,400 (2011)
WebsiteDelovoy Petersburg

Delovoy Peterburg (Russian: Деловой Петербург, meaning St. Petersburg Business in English) is a Russian language daily business newspaper published in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

History and profile

Delovoy Peterburg was started in 1993.[1][2] Its headquarters is in Saint Petersburg[3] and the paper provides business- and finance-related news about the city and the region.[4][5] The paper is published in tabloid format.[1]

The owner of Delovoy Peterburg is Bonnier Group and its publisher is Bonnier Business Press, ZAO, a subsidiary of the Bonnier Group.[4][6] As of 2006 Andrey Ershov was the editor-in-chief.[7] Maxim Vasjukov has been the editor-in-chief of the paper since 8 December 2011.[8]

In 2011 Delovoy Peterburg was awarded by WAN/IFRA in the editorial category for its news service, namely DPVkontakte, within a social media site.[9]

The 2005 circulation of Delovoy Peterburg was 23,000 copies.[1] In 2010 the circulation of the daily rose to 24,000 copies.[9] At the end of 2011 the paper had a circulation of 20,400 copies.[8]

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