Delta Sigma Theta
FoundedFall 1914
Brooklyn College of Pharmacy, New York City, NY
Members24,000+ lifetime
FounderA. Bertrand Lemon

Delta Sigma Theta (ΔΣΘ) is an international pharmacy fraternity. Founded in Fall of 1914, it was created to promote the healing arts of pharmacy, medicine and dentistry.[1]


In fall of 1914, as an outgrowth of the Mortar and Pestle club (local), Delta Sigma Theta was established at Brooklyn College of Pharmacy. There were six founders including A. Bertram Lemon was the leader. The organization was started on December 11, 1915 and one year later was incorporated in New York State as Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta.[2]

The fraternity then expanded within the state of New York and New England and expanded to include other healthcare professions including medicine and dentistry. Some notable chapters founded during this era include Rutgers' Epsilon chapter and Columbia's Delta chapter. By the late 1920s, Delta Sigma Theta became an international fraternity by establishing chapters in Beirut, Rome, and Great Britain. The growing fraternity paused in its growth like other such societies when the start of World War II led to a decrease of fraternity enrollment nationwide. However, once the war concluded, Delta Sigma Theta expanded west and thus the Chi chapter of Delta Sigma Theta was founded on May 1963 by facilitated by a Mu chapter alumni brother, Alfonso Tobias. As of 2021, the Chi chapter has had over 430 brothers initiated within its chapter.


Chapter list from Baird's 20th edition.[1]


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