Denbighshire Council

Cyngor Sir Ddinbych
Founded1 April 1996
Preceded byClwyd County Council
Chairman of the Council
Cllr Alan James, Labour
Leader of the Council
Cllr Hugh Evans, Independent
Deputy Leader
Cllr Julian Thompson-Hill, Conservative
Leader of the Opposition
Cllr Joan Butterfield, Labour
Chief Executive
Graham Boase
Seats47 councillors
Political groups
Administration (26)
  Conservative (15)
  Independent (11)
Other parties (21)
  Labour (11)
  Plaid Cymru (10):
  Vacant (0)
Length of term
5 years
First election
4 May 1995
Last election
4 May 2017
Next election
5 May 2022

Denbighshire County Council is the governing body for the principal area of Denbighshire (not historic Denbighshire), one of the administrative subdivisions of Wales.

The council consists of a multi-party cabinet led by Councillor Hugh Evans.

Political makeup

Elections take place every five years.[1] The last election was 4 May 2017.[2]

Current composition (2017)

Group affiliation[3] Members
Conservative 16
Labour 13
Plaid Cymru 9
  Liberal Democrats

The council consists of a multi-party cabinet led by Councillor Hugh Evans, Independent Member for Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd/Gwyddelwern. The Liberal Democrat currently sits with the Independents.

Six seats (2 PC, 3 Lab, 1 Con) were elected unopposed at the 2017 election.[4]


Cllr Hugh Evans, a farmer from Llanelidan, was first elected as leader of the council on 6 November 2007. This followed a vote of no confidence in the previous leader, Rhiannon Hughes, two weeks beforehand.[5] Prior to Hughes, Plaid Cymru councillor Eryl Williams was leader, from 2002 till 2004.[6]

In 2016 the council leader was paid a salary of £43,000.[7]

Historic results

Summary of the council composition after council elections, click on the year for full details of each election.[8][9]

Year Conservative Independent Labour Liberal Democrats Plaid Cymru
1995 0 20 19 3 7
1999 2 23a 13 1 8
2004 7 23b 8 1 7
2008 18 13 7 1 8
2012 9 12 18 1 7
2017 16 8 13 1 9

a = In 1999, five candidates were elected to represent the Democratic Alliance of Wales.

b = In 2004, three candidates were elected to represent the Democratic Alliance of Wales.

Electoral divisions

The county borough is divided into 30 electoral wards returning 47 councillors. Few communities in Denbighshire are coterminous with electoral wards. The following table lists council wards, communities and associated geographical areas:

Ward[10] County
Communities (and community wards)
Bodelwyddan c 1 Bodelwyddan (town) *
Corwen c 1 Corwen (town) *
Denbigh Central 1 Denbigh (town) (Central ward)
Denbigh Lower 2 (Lower ward)
Denbigh Upper/Henllan 2 (Upper ward)
Dyserth c 1 Dyserth *
Efenechtyd 1
Llanarmon-yn-Ial/Llandegla 1
Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd/Llangynhafal 1
Llandrillo 1
Llandyrnog 1
Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd/Gwyddelwern 1
Llangollen 2
Llanrhaeadr-yng-Nghinmeirch 1
Prestatyn Central 2 Prestatyn (town) (Central ward)
Prestatyn East 2 (East ward)
Prestatyn Meliden 1 (Meliden ward)
Prestatyn North 3 (North and North West wards)
Prestatyn South West 2 (South West ward)
Rhuddlan c 2 Rhuddlan (town)
Rhyl East 2 Rhyl (town) (East ward)
Rhyl South 2 (South ward)
Rhyl South East 3 (South East ward)
Rhyl South West 2 (South West ward)
Rhyl West 2 (West ward)
Ruthin c 3 Ruthin (town)
St. Asaph East 1 St. Asaph (town) (East ward)
St. Asaph West 1 (West ward)
Trefnant 1
Tremeirchion 1

* = Communities which elect a community council
c = Ward coterminous with community of the same name[11]

Democratic Alliance of Wales

The Democratic Alliance of Wales (DAW) was a political party[12] partly comprising former Labour Party members,

The DAW stood 14 candidates in the 1999 Denbighshire Council election, with five winning seats in Prestatyn.[13] The three successful DAW candidates in Prestatyn North—Michael German, Isobel German and Jeff Hughes—had been elected as Labour councillors at the 1995 elections.[13] One of the DAW founders, Gwynn Clague, was elected as a county councillor for Prestatyn South West, and became mayor of Prestatyn Town Council. He was particularly known for his criticisms of the county council's performance, as well as the town council's finances. By October 2003, he had left DAW and was unaligned.[14]

At the 2004 all-council election, the three DAW councillors in the Prestatyn North ward stood for re-election, retaining their seats.

Following the rejection of Denbighshire council leader Rhiannon Hughes in October 2007, DAW group leader Mike German was touted as a possible successor.[15]

At the 2008 all-council election, the three remaining DAW councillors stood as Independents, losing to the Conservatives.[16]


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