Deng Jiagui
Born1951 (age 72–73)
Political partyChinese Communist Party
SpouseQi Qiaoqiao
RelativesXi Jinping (brother-in-law)

Deng Jiagui (born 1951; 邓家贵) is a Chinese businessman, and brother-in-law of Xi Jinping, who is current General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and paramount leader of China since 2012.[1]

Deng Jiagui is a Canadian citizen and resident of Hong Kong SAR. He has "made a fortune in real estate development" and is mentioned in the Panama Papers.[2]

In 2012, Bloomberg reported that Deng Jiagui and his wife Qi Qiaoqiao had holdings in Shenzhen Yuanwei Investment Co worth $288 million, and wholly owned other companies in the Yuanwei group worth $84.8 million - a total of $372.8 million.[3]

Deng, Qi, and their daughter, Zhang Yannan "own millions of dollars in luxury properties in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing".[4]


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