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Der Wandel
LeaderFayad Mulla
Founded7 September 2012
HeadquartersSeidengasse 30/7, Vienna
Political positionLeft-wing[2]
European affiliationDemocracy in Europe Movement 2025
Party of the European Left (partner)
Colours  Orange

Der Wandel (English: The Change; sometimes shortened to simply Wandel) is an Austrian left-wing and progressive political party led by Fayad Mulla.[3] It is part of the pan-European coalition DiEM25.[4]


The party was launched in 2012[5] as a progressive, anti-capitalist and egalitarian movement. Its positions are detailed in the "Demokratische Moderne (English: Democratic Modernity)" manifesto, which emphasizes on abolishing global capitalism and establishing a democratic economy, fair to all people.[6] Despite being anti-capitalist, the party's leader has stated that the party does not support socialism either, but rather seeks to take some elements from both socialism and capitalism in order to create a new alternative system, tentatively called "neo-socialism",[7] which shares characteristics with the socioeconomic concept of economic democracy.

Positions and proposals

The party's proposals include:[8]

Electoral performance

2013 Austrian legislative election

Participating only in Vienna and Upper Austria, the party obtained 0.07% of the vote.

2014 European Parliament election

As part of the Europa anders coalition with the KPÖ, Pirate Party, and independents, they received a combined 2.14% of the vote, which was not enough to receive a seat.

2019 European Parliament election

In November 2018, the party announced an alliance with Yanis Varoufakis' DiEM25 for the European Parliament Election.[9] The party's political director Daniela Platsch was second on the joint list led by Varoufakis. The party did not win any seats.

2019 Austrian legislative election

The party ran in the snap legislative elections held in September 2019, obtaining approximately 0.5% of the vote.


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