Deuk Deuk Tong
A man gets some Deuk Deuk Tong ready to serve
Alternative namesDing Ding Tong
Place of originHong Kong
Main ingredientsmaltose, sesame, ginger
Deuk Deuk Tong
Hanyu Pinyinzhuó zhuó táng
Cantonese Yaledeuk deuk tóng
Literal meaningpeck peck candy
Ding Ding Tong
Hanyu Pinyindīng dīng táng
Cantonese Yaledīng dīng tóng
Literal meaningding ding candy

Deuk Deuk Tong or commonly referred to as Ding Ding Tong is a type of traditional candy in Hong Kong. It is a hard maltose candy with sesame and ginger flavours. The sweet is made by first melting maltose, then adding to it various ingredients and continuously stirring the mixture. Before the mixture solidifies, it is put on a metal stick and pulled into a line shape, then coiled into the shape of a plate.

In Cantonese, deuk means chiselling, breaking things into pieces. When street hawkers sold the candy, it was necessary for them to break apart its original shape with a pair of flat chisels, namely "deuk". Chiselling makes noise and attracts children to buy. Deuk Deuk Tong was thus named (Tóng means "candy" in Cantonese). Today, in order to cater to young people's tastes, different flavours of Deuk Deuk Tong are also made, including coconut, chocolate, mango, banana, and strawberry flavours.

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