Division Street, Devonshire Quarter, Sheffield, looking east with the Town Hall in the distance

The Devonshire Quarter is an area in the centre of Sheffield, England. Its heart is the Division Street and Devonshire Street shopping areas, known for their small independent shops and variety of pubs and bars. The district also has The Forum shopping centre and Devonshire Green, one of the largest open areas in central Sheffield.

To the west, the quarter is bounded by Sheffield's inner ring road and includes a small social housing estate. Glossop Road and West Street are to the north, Carver Street to the east, and Moore Street and Charter Row to the south-east.


The Quarter is designed to create an urban village of city living and retail, with the NRQ based mostly within the Devonshire Quarter.[1]

Significant historic buildings

Division Street/Devonshire Green, Devonshire Quarter, Sheffield
  1. Taylor's Eye Witness Works
  2. Beehive Works
  3. Wharncliffe Fireclay Works
  4. Taylor’s Ceylon Works
  5. Aberdeen Works, Trafalgar Works, Select and Kangaroo Works
  6. Springfield Board School
  7. Carver Street Methodist Chapel
  8. Facade of Mount Zion Chapel
  9. Original developments on Division Street, Canning and Gell Street
  10. Former Glossop Road Baths
  11. Former Fire Station
  12. Workshops at No 23, Carver Street
  13. National School at No 35, Carver Street
  14. St Matthew's Church[2]

Character areas

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West One Development, Devonshire Green, Devonshire Quarter, Sheffield
  1. West Street
  2. Wilkinson Street and Gell Street
  3. Devonshire Green
  4. Holly Street/Westfield Terrace/Trafalgar Street
  5. Milton Street


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