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Dhani is a village located in the Bali tehsil in the Pali district of Rajasthan. It is located near Bali town on state highway SH 62 between Khudala and Khimel in a valley on the western side of the Aravalli Range. Dhani is easily accessed by Western Railway Ahmedabad Delhi route near from Falna and Rani Station. Dhani is famous village in Marwar for Making of Mojari-Shoes. The first lady sarpanch in this village is Nalini kanwar wife of ranveer Singh bhati she was very active in all village activities she make a village very much well as compared to other village.


Ministry of Panchayati Raj Government of India List of Census Villages mapped for :DHANI Gram Panchayat,BALI,PALI,RAJASTHAN Sr. No. Census Village Code Census Village Name Main Village 1. 02475300 Dhani 2.02475700 Sela 3.02475900 Kagri 4.02476000 Karlai 5.02481800 Chamunderi Rana Watan Report printed on 16/11/2010 National Panchayat Portal,Panchayat Informatics Division,NIC

Area details Area of village (in hectares) 1,557 Number of households 401 Population data based on 2001 census Total population - Persons 2,155 Total population - Males 1,030 Total population - Females 1,125 Scheduled castes population - Persons 568 Scheduled castes population - Males 285 Scheduled castes population - Females 283 Scheduled tribes population - Persons 19 Scheduled tribes population - Males 8 Scheduled tribes population - Females 11 Education facilities Education facilities Available Number of primary schools 2 Number of middle schools 1 Nearest town FALNA Distance from the nearest town (in kilometer(s)) 6