Dhor - Dohor
LanguagesMarathi, Kannada
Populated statesMaharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan

The Dhor Koli[1] also known as Tokre Koli, or Tokare Koli is a subcaste of the Koli caste found in the Indian states of Maharashtra,[2] Gujarat,[3] Karnataka[4] and Rajasthan.[5] Dhor Kolis are bamboo cutters by profession.[2]

Dhor Koli
ढोर कोळी
Regions with significant populations
Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka
Marathi, Koli (Kachi Koli, Parkari Koli, Wadiyara Koli), Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi, English
Related ethnic groups
Kabbaliga Koli

Origin and distribution

The Dhor Kolis derived their name from the Kannada word for 'big', dodda; they are also known as Tokre Kolis because they were bamboo cutters.[6] They have traditionally had a reputation for alleged dacoity.[6]

They are distributed in the Nashik, Thane and Greater Mumbai districts of Maharashtra and are also found in Surat and Dang districts of Gujarat.[6]


The Dhor Kolis are divided into several clans. Their prominent clans include:[6][7]


The Dhor Kolis are classified as a Scheduled Tribe by the Government of Karnataka,[8] Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan[5] states of India.


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