Diari Segre
TypeRegional daily newspaper
Owner(s)Diari Segre Media Group
Founded1982; 42 years ago (1982)
OCLC number733266728
WebsiteDiari Segre

Diari Segre or simply Segre is a Spanish and Catalan language daily newspaper published in Lleida, Spain.[1]

History and profile

Diari Segre was started in 1982.[2][3] In the first issue the paper declared that it was an independent publication.[3] The founding editor-in-chief was Manuel Fernández Areal.[3]

It is part of the company with the same name, Diari Segre Media Group.[4] Its headquarters is in Lleida, and it serves the Lleida province.[2][5] The paper is published in tabloid format.[2] In 1997 it initiated its Catalan language version, being the first Spain newspaper to have two editions published in two distinct languages.[2][5]

As of 2015 Juan Cal Sanchez was the editor-in-chief of Diari Segre.[6]


Diari Segre had a circulation of 8,000 copies in 1990.[7] In 2002 the Spanish version of Diari Segre had a circulation of 6,713 copies in its distribution area.[8] Its circulation was 7,145 copies in 2003 and 6,855 copies in 2004.[8] The paper sold 6,710 copies in 2005 and 6,520 copies in 2006.[8] During the period between 2002 and 2006 its Catalan version had much smaller circulation.[8]


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