Dick Cavett Meets ABBA
ABBA Last Interveiw - Cavett.png
Promotional photo after interview
Original languageEnglish
Production locationsSVT Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Original release12 September 1981 (1981-09-12)

Dick Cavett Meets ABBA is a 1981 television special featuring the Swedish pop group being interviewed by the American television personality Dick Cavett. ABBA also took to the stage, performing nine songs in a so-called "mini-concert".[1] A one-off broadcast filmed and produced by Sveriges Television (SVT) in Stockholm, Sweden and presented as "Dick Cavett Meets ABBA".[2]

Rehearsals took place during the end of April; while Cavett's interview with the four members was conducted on 27 April. The live performances were recorded on 28–29 April 1981.[3][4]

"On and On and On"
"On and On and On"

The show consisted of a casual interview and a short concert, where the band performed nine songs, including two from the forthcoming album The Visitors.[5]

This was ABBA's last concert.[4]

Six of the nine songs performed on the show have been officially released:

The following songs and videos from this performance appear on DVD 2 of the compilation album The Complete Studio Recordings.:[6]

The following songs appeared on ABBA Live:[7]

The following songs appeared on the Thank You for the Music box set:[8]


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